July 2012 Newsflash

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Simon’s Rock students presented at the Hudson River Mathematics Conference in April. Lauren Dahlin ‘08 gave a talk on cloud computing with large data sets, Michael Xu ‘08 presented the "Chronicles of Pi" and Aneeqa Muzammil ‘10 explained Google page-ranking in "Page Rank Hoodwinked, How Far Can You Go".


The Nebraska McCook Daily Gazette reported that recent Medical school graduate Michael Carter ‘00 got an early start, leaving high school after sophomore year to start college early!


Ronan Farrow ’99 making mark as diplomat at young age” noted the the San Francisco Chronicle.


Alison Bechdel ’77 continues to make the news. She talks about her new book Are you my mother? with Marty Moss-Coane on Radio Times.


Find out "What happens when an out-of-shape, drug-addled, 30-year-old alcoholic goes running for the first time? In the Kindle Single, "The Long Run," by Shubaly Mishka '92 -- the ninth best-selling Kindle Single. Read more in PC Magazine.


Meet some of the incoming class of fall 2012. First-Years in the News


NBC Connecticut (6/14/2012) reported that 15-year-old heads to college. "Malcolm Jefferson looks like your typical high school student, but there's something extraordinary about this sophomore at Hillhouse High School in New Haven.".


Before NBC picked up the story, the New Haven Register (6/8/2012) reported on Malcom’s accomplishment in the article “Hillhouse High School sophomore heads to college at 15.


New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor (6/11/2012) noted that “Christopher Milligan, son of Greg and Heather Milligan, has been accepted for the fall semester at Bard College at Simon's Rock in Barrington, Mass. He is a 16-year-old sophomore at Concord High School.”


GoErie.com (5/10/2012) “Olivia Dhaliwal, 17, of Erie, has been accepted into Bard College at Simon's Rock to finish her last year of high school and start working on college courses a year early. Dhaliwal is currently a junior at Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy. She will live and study on the 400-student campus in Great Barrington, Mass.”


The Oregonian (5/12/2012) reported that “Metropolitan Learning Center sophomore Nathan Sadowsky 15, was recently accepted into Bard College at Simon’s Rock, a school for high-achieving high school students who learn quicker than most of their peers.”


HawaiiNewsNow (4/20/12) “Assets sophomore overcomes dyslexia, heads to college early.” “She's definitely a dynamo. Every once in a while, you meet a young person who's not only inspired by her teachers but inspires others, and Polly Lim is a 16 year old - with a five year plan.”


Ballard News Tribune (3/21/12) “Ballard 10th grader accepted to university.” “Ballardite Courtney Adams is heading to college and she's not even halfway finished with high school yet. The 16-year-old University Preparatory Academy student has secured a place at Bard College at Simon’s Rock for this coming fall thanks to her outstanding academic and personal achievements.”