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Alumni and current students know that Bard College at Simon’s Rock faculty are renowned for working closely with their students in small-group settings. Indeed, this is a major component of the Simon’s Rock experience. It’s not uncommon to hear students and alumni speak with reverence about the close working relationships they develop with their professors while they’re on campus and the massive reading and homework assignments their professors assign. For their part, though, the faculty work just as hard as the students when outside of the classroom. Original research and publication---the discovery and sharing of knowledge---are the core principles of academia, and Simon’s Rock faculty members continually weave their teaching with their scholarship, producing new research, artwork, and publications that expand the boundaries of their respective fields. Below is a small sampling of publications by Bard College at Simon’s Rock faculty that have appeared, or are forthcoming this year.

tigers of the world Chris Coggins contributed a chapter to Tigers of the World: The Science, Politics and Conservation of Panthera tigris, 2nd Edition, published in January 2010. His chapter is entitled "King of the Hundred Beasts: A Long View of Tigers in Southern China."
 china book John Myers published biographies of Andrés Segovia, John Coltrane, Tan Dun, Wes Montgomery, Charles Seeger, Charlie Christian, and Ali Akbar Khan in Musicians and Composers of the 20th Century in 2009; he also contributed to the Encyclopedia of China, published by Berkshire Publishing Group in 2009, writing on musical instruments ("Yuè qì"), contemporary music ("Dāngdài yīnyuè), and a kind of four-stringed lute called the pipa.
 trees book Tanya Marcuse has had her photography published in two major books: Speak for the Trees and Dress Codes: The Third International Center of Photography Triennial of Photography and Video, in 2009.
 plants book Eric Kramer published "The advantages of a tapered whisker" with C. M. Williams in PLoS ONE, the journal of the Public Library of Science, and "Auxin-regulated cell polarity: an inside job?" in Trends in Plant Science.
 collecting book Joan DelPlato contributed an article entitled "Collecting/Painting Harem/Clothing" to the book Material Cultures, 1740–1920: Meanings and Pleasures of Collecting, published in 2009.
 empathy book Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez published an article, "'Mother' as a Verb: the Erotic, Audre Lorde and Female Genital Mutilation," in the book Empathy and Rage: Female Genital Mutilation in African Literature, published in 2009. Her forthcoming book, African Women Writing Resistance: An Anthology of Contemporary Voices, will be published in 2010.
 fisheries book Bob Schmidt published two articles in peer-reviewed journals in 2009: "Inferences on the biology of juvenile Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis) from exuviae in a Hudson River tributary" [PDF] in the Journal of Aquatic Invasions 4 with R.A. Daniels, E.L. Swift, and I.B. Shadis; and "Observations of American eel using an upland passage facility and the effects of passage on the population structure" in the North American Journal of Fisheries Management 29.
 journey book Peter Filkins’s translation of H.G. Adler’s novel, The Journey, was published as a Modern Library paperback in September 2009. Filkins’s manuscript of poems, Augustine’s Vision, won the New American Press Chapbook Prize for 2010, and will be published by New American Press in the spring.

Brendan Matthews will have a story published in the next volume of the iconic Best American Short Stories, edited in 2010 by novelist Richard Russo.