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Unveiling The Journey

the journeyIn a review by Dara Mandle of The New Criterion magazine, Bard College at Simon’s Rock language and literature professor Peter Filkins is given high praise for his accomplished translation of H.G Adler’s lost piece of Holocaust literature, The Journey. Written in 1950, The Journey was not released in Germany until 1962. Nearly 50 years after its initial publication, Filkins discovered the obscure text in a Harvard Square bookshop and realized that it was a remarkable piece of history not accessible to English speakers. Filkin’s translation that “blends philosophical speech with poetic imagery and pointed political insights” was published by Random House in 2008 and is available in bookstores everywhere. Listen to Peter Filkins read from The Journey on Chicago Public Radio.

Alumnus Henry Alford Learns How To Live

The Search for Wisdom From Old People: (While They Are Still on This Earth)

nyt logoIn an exploration of the adage that old people are wiser, Simon’s Rock alumnus and author Henry Alford sets off across the country to interview people over the age of 70. With subjects as diverse as Phyllis Diller and Edward Albee, and as obscure as dumpster diving retired aerospace engineer Eugene Loh, How To Live is part family memoir and part Studs Terkel that shows the potential for life’s fulfillment in our golden years. The book was recently reviewed in The New York Times Book Review.

For President Leon Botstein, There is Always Room for Debate

room for debate logoIn the February 6, 2009 edition of the popular New York Times blog, Room for Debate, President Leon Botstein considered radical education reform and its role within our global economy. The piece, entitled “Preparing for the Next Job Market,” also includes views from Anya Kamenetz, author of Generation Debt; Laurence J. Kotlikoff, professor at Boston University; and Heather Boushey, economist at Center for American Progress.

Read all four pieces.

The First Annual Festival of Women in the Arts Takes Flight!

berkshire festival of women in the arts logoBard College at Simon’s Rock professor Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, founder and director of the International Women's Day Conference at the College, has successfully expanded the once campus contained celebration to a full-scale, county-wide program this year. Teaming with The Women’s Times, the Berkshires will now play host to events, performances, lectures, and readings celebrating this year’s theme, “Power of Women in the Arts.” The festival has generated media coverage throughout the Berkshires, including an appearance on Northeast Public Radio’s Roundtable morning show on Friday, March 5, 2009. 

The Scoop Worth 1, 411 Pounds!

MunsingThe Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that Bard College at Simon’s Rock alumnus Evan Munsing was named top lifter in the February 1 National Collegiate Power Lifting competition in Scranton, PA. Currently a second year student at the London School of Economics, Munsing is also one of the first Americans to be elected captain of an English field hockey team. During the competition in Scranton last month, Munsing lifted an astounding 1, 411 pounds including a 628 pound dead lift!

From Kabul to Williamstown and back again

Transcript logoIn an article appearing in the North Adams Transcript, Bard College at Simon’s Rock first year student Adul Samad Sadri muses about his homeland of Afghanistan, his education in the United States, and his responsibility as an aspiring leader. Sadri came to the U.S. as a FLEX scholar through the U.S. State Department before enrolling at Simon’s Rock. Read Sadri’s reflections here.