February Newsflash

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For the first time in the history of the College, Simon’s Rock graces the pages of Sports Illustrated! Lady Llama basketball player Pearl Weggler ’12 appears in the January 14th issue. Pearl’s standout performance against Landmark College last month landed her a spot in the magazine's legendary "Faces in the Crowd" weekly roundup.


The Berkshire Eagle featured Simon’s Rock’s Third Annual Model UN Conference. The Simon’s Rock Model UN team again hosted students from local high schools who participated in four committee sessions, which, like the actual United Nations, included the UN Security Council, World Health Organization, and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

yahoo.jpg Prof Asma Abbas was mentioned in AP reporter Ted Anthony’s inauguration day roundup, “Dear Mr. President: One glimpse of your nation”, a broad-brush interpretation of how life feels in America right now. Though the quote was short, Anthony credits their conversation with informing “my entire piece far beyond the quote of yours that I ended up using.” We’re thrilled to have Simon’s Rock mentioned in the 350 publications that ran this piece!

The film Concussion, co-scored by Micki Kaufman ’85, and her partner Barb Morrison made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. It's already getting an enthusiastic response.


Samantha Grant '96, regional coordinator for Transparency International, talked to Reuters about what Myanmar has to do to improve its Corruption Perception Index.


New Beauty Magazine asks Dr. Jasmine Mohadjer '94, Oculoplastic Surgeon, about her practice, what she likes most about her job, and what beauty advice she has for anyone who wants to stay young looking.


Parent Shari Rosenman writes about homeschooling, early college, and her daughter’s transition to college life in Let’s Home School High School.


Eli Pariser, ‘96 tells Fast Company how his new company Upworthy uses social media tools to make important stories go viral – just like those funny cat videos that make the rounds.