College Appoints Director of Career Services

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Bethany Geiger ‘10

Liz Lierman, Director of Career Services
Photo Credit | Audrey Werth '11

I first met Liz Lierman  last summer when she was applying for the new position of Director of Career Services.

The College’s hiring process is always a very thorough one. When Bard College at Simon’s Rock lets somebody new into our community, we seem to take great consideration in making our decision. They meet our professors, our staff, and our students.

I met Liz with a group of five or six other students, sitting in a room and interviewing her over sandwiches and lemonade. She seemed like such a smart and pleasant lady, I knew that she would thrive here.

And voilĂ ! Liz Lierman, Simon’s Rock Director of Career Services!

Now that she’s had a few weeks on the job, I had a chance to catch up with her again. Liz, who comes to us from the Oberlin career services department, was enthused by the idea of building a new program for a college.

“I have always been amazed by what young adults can achieve when given the autonomy to make important decisions and shape their own educations,” Liz tells me. “As a result, I’m excited to work with early college students.”

“Since the office is very new,” she continued, “I've also been working to ensure that I have information and resources to share with students.” Simon’s Rock students pursue many different opportunities once they leave the College. From transferring, applying for internships, or looking into postgraduate programs, the Career Services office is there to keep us informed about our options.

Liz Lierman meets with students to discuss services available and
gather ideas.  Photo Credit | Audrey Werth '11

Liz spends much of her time meeting with students individually to discuss options and she is definitely the woman to go to with all our questions.

I asked her about the future of the office. Once she has a chance to settle down and get the vibe of the school, what help can we expect from Career Services? “Most immediately,” she says, “I'll be meeting with groups of students to learn about their hopes for career services -- I expect student input to be instrumental in shaping my future plans. I anticipate spending quite a bit of my time offering individual career counseling and transfer advising to students.”

On the horizon, Liz is looking to increase internship opportunities, to help students interview effectively, and to present themselves professionally to potential employers. “I also look forward to fostering connections between students and alumni,” she says, hoping to use the thriving alumni network at Simon’s Rock. “Networking can be a daunting process, so I hope to help make it less awkward and more fun for all involved.”

I ask her what she loves most, so far, about working at the Rock. “Meeting students!” she replies. “Also, I work in the Win Commons, so I have to confess that it makes me smile to see the frogs right outside my office.”

It’s only been three weeks so far, but I’m pretty sure we can count on Liz to be a great member of the community.