The Adventure Begins on Arrival Day

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New students and their families are not the only ones looking forward to Arrival Day with a sense of excitement. Faculty and staff also anticipate the renewed energy the entering class will bring to campus when they arrive on Saturday, August 20.

For students it's the beginning of a great academic and personal adventure. For the Bard College at Simon’s Rock community, it’s another new beginning, a time to welcome new faces. Arrival Day kicks off New Student Orientation week. The week is packed with activities to immerse new students in college life and acquaint them with each other and the people and resources they will rely on while at Simon’s Rock.

Unlike the rest of the semester, the students’ days are planned and scheduled—almost down to the minute—by the College. Days start early and end at night with barbeques, dances, and activities. Even down time is scheduled. It’s an intense immersion designed to show first-years how to use the College support system and get them off on the right foot. It’s this system of support that encourages young students to flourish.

Reflecting, Writing, Thinking

Orientation week is also an inspiring time. During the week, students reflect on what they can offer the Simon’s Rock community and examine how they will make their time at the College meaningful. It’s a week to look at all of the possibilities, both academic and non-academic.

The Writing and Thinking Workshop is the focal point of the week. Students enter the College with diverse abilities, educational backgrounds, and academic goals. The Workshop is a common experience that teaches students to read and listen more thoughtfully, to articulate ideas, and to view their own work critically. Students learn to recognize the link between thought and written communication.

The best way to prepare is to get plenty of rest and come ready to engage in a stimulating experience.

Before families depart at 5:00 pm on Arrival Day, they’re invited to participate in activities including:

  • New student check-in
  • Welcoming remarks from provost Peter Laipson
  • A reception and information meeting for parents
  • Introductions to the Library and Win Student Resource Commons