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VPN Clients

To use the VPN client, you must obtain a VPN login and password from ITS. After installing the software, you must set up the connection as instructed by ITS.

For Windows, download the 32- or 64-bit Windows client below. For older Macs with OS X 10.5 or 10.6, download the Mac client below. Newer Macs do not need any client; contact ITS for setup instructions.

Windows: Double-click the downlaoded .EXE file to start the installation. Press the "Unzip" button to unpack the installer files. Press "OK" and "Next >" as necessary to complete the installation.

Mac: Double-click the downloaded .dmg file to load a virtual disk that has the installĀ  program. Double-click the "CiscoVPNClient" disk icon to open a window showing the contents, and then double-click the "Cisco VPN Client.mpkg" file to launch the installer. Click "Continue", "Agree", "Install" or "Upgrade" as necessary to complete the installation.