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retiring minerva

Update (March 11, 2009)  This migration is now complete.  Due to some changes to the server software/configuration, some personal webpages are not displaying properly.  If you notice a problem with your ~username website's display, please send email to and let us know.  We've been able to solve all the problems people have reported, so it's likely we'll be able to solve your particular problem if you just let us know about it.

ITS has been working for years at pulling services off of minerva.  At some point in the past, was provided for those who want/need a shell environment.

The college's website (which also used to live on minerva) is now here on a plone platform (on a server named wilbur if you must know, but the name is actually irrelevant now ( is all anyone needs to know)).

So at the time I'm writing this (Feb 24, 2009) the only thing minerva is currently doing is hosting user-created webpages.  If you had once posted webpages (which have been visible at ) then you'll need to be connecting to a new server (and not minerva) as of this Thursday Feb 26, 2009) in order to update them.  Minerva will be replaced by hope and pandora.  If you are a current faculty or staff here at Bard College at Simon's Rock, then you'll be connecting to in order to update your webcontent.  If you are a student (or an alumn who is not a current staff/faculty) then you will be connecting to in order to update your webcontent.

Neither hope nor pandora will allow you to login and get shell access, but they will allow you to transfer files using SFTP.  Please contact if you would like assistance with finding and configuring an SFTP client.

As with minerva in the past, any documents that you place in your personal webpages/ directory on the new server will be visible via the website.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to give me (Charlie) a call at x7344, or stop by and chat.