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Sophos Antivirus Software

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is Bard College at Simon's Rock's antivirus package. For now, this is for Windows systems only.

Note: In May 2010, this software was upgraded from "Sophos Antivirus" to the more complete "Endpoint Security and Control" package. All users should install this update. Right-click the Sophos shield icon in the clock tray to see which version of Sophos you have installed; the current version says, "Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control." If your version says "Open Sophos Antivirus" follow the installation instructions to upgrade.

Installation Instructions:

  1. If you have any anti-virus package other than Sophos, you must uninstall it: Open Control Panel. For XP, choose Add or Remove Programs; for Vista or Win7, choose Programs and Features. Select your current anti-virus program in this list, and press the "Remove" or "Uninstall" button, and confirm as necessary. Be sure to remove all components of your current antivirus, although you must do them one at a time. Reboot if prompted.
  2. Run the program Sophos-Installer.exe (which you downloaded in step 1). NOTE: The Sophos installer is not always user-friendly. When it runs, it may appear that nothing is happening for long periods. Eventually it will display a gray shield in the tray at the lower right by the clock. After showing the shield, Sophos will download and install updates, which may take several minutes. You might be prompted to reboot. If you hold your mouse over the shield icon, Sophos should display a status message. When it is done installing, the message will say, "Sophos Protection" with the date of the most recent update.
  3. Sophos Version Updates: If you have previously installed Sophos, the newer Sophos installer will automatically remove and replace the older version. During the installation step, Windows may warn that "Antivirus software has been turned off" and then that "No antivirus software is installed." As the installation continues and the new version is started, these Windows warnings will be cleared. However, after the upgrade process is finished, the new version of Sophos may report that a system restart is necessary. Reboot in this case.
  4. Once Sophos has completed the installation, have it scan your system:
    a. Right-click the Sophos shield icon in the tray area, and select "Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control" from the menu that pops up.
    b. When the Sophos Endpoint Security and Control window opens, click "Scan my computer".

Sophos monitors all files as they are used, so after this initial scan, weekly scans should not be necessary.

Please contact ITS if you have any questions or troubles with the installation. Email for assistance. Our help desk phone is x7371.