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Full Headers

Headers are the part of an e-mail message that gives details as to who sent the e-mail, as well as how it arrived at its destination. While cryptic, there is is a significant amount of information in headers that can be valuable, especially with regards to spam prevention.

Please visit the link below to find instructions for forwarding
If you have an incoming message that is marked as SPAM but is not SPAM
you should send to

Sophos is our anti-spam vendor.
You may also CC with these reports if you wish.

Thunderbird and Outlook

Instructions for forwarding messages with full headers as an attachment


If you are using roundcube, there is a small triangle to the immediate right of the "Forward" button; select "Forward as attachment" from the two available choices.

If you are using squirrelmail, open the message and click on the "Forward as Attachment" link at the upper right of the page.

Mac Mail

In Mac Mail open the message and select "Message" from the top of the screen and then "Forward as Attachment" from the menu that appears.