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A lockdown is typically used in instances of campus violence involving the use of a weapon. When informed of a lockdown through the Emergency Alert System or other means, please follow the below procedures:

  • Remain calm and quiet.
  • Lock or barricade all doors where possible, or proceed to a room where you can do so.
  • If possible cover any windows or openings that have a direct line of sight into a hallway.
  • Shut blinds or shades. Turn off lights.
  • Stay low, away from windows and doors. Barricade doors where possible; use furniture or desks.
  • Sit on the floor or crouch under or behind desks and bookshelves. Try to remain out of sight.
  • Immediately put all cell phones into "Vibrate" or "Silent" mode.
  • Be aware of alternate exits if it becomes necessary to flee.
  • Calls to Security should be made only with specific information regarding the location or conduct of the intruder or if the status of the emergency changes.
  • DO NOT respond to anyone at the door until an "all clear" message is received from the Emergency Alert System or emergency personnel.
  • If a fire alarm sounds during a lockdown, do not evacuate unless you smell smoke or see fire in your area.
  • If outside when a lockdown is announced run into the nearest building and follow the above lockdown instructions. If it is not safe to do so, hide behind a large heavy object (i.e. vehicle, tree). Notify someone of your location when safe to do so.