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Email to the Community: Hurricane Sandy Preparations

Saturday, October 27, 2012

As many of you know, Hurricane Sandy has been moving up the coast over the past several days.  The remnants of the storm will be in our region in a few days and will remain throughout the beginning of this week.  Because of this, the College's Emergency Planning Committee met yesterday to discuss how we've prepared for the storm.

I want to encourage everyone to make their own preparations by planning for potential interruptions in power and transportation. Be sure your cell phones and other devices are fully charged, and secure any prescription medication and other personal items you may need to have on hand, such as flashlights and batteries. Back up your computer files! Off-campus students should also stock up on food and water supplies.

Dependent on storm conditions, New York City and the surrounding area may close subways due to potential flooding, and bridges due to high winds.  If traveling, please be aware or this possibility.

The Emergency Planning Committee will continue to monitor the track of the storm over the next several days. If necessary, we will issue the latest information in the following ways:

  • Email;
  • Online updates on our website;
  • In-person updates from the Security or Residence Life staff;
  • or through the use of our Emergency Alert System;

In the event of a prolonged power outage, the College generator will provide power for most of lower campus allowing us to function pretty much as normal even if we lose power.

When the storm hits, please keep windows closed, and stay inside to avoid injury from falling branches, trees, or power lines. In case of an emergency, contact the Security Department at x7291.

Again, I must encourage you to stay on campus and indoors throughout the storm, but if for some reason you must leave campus before the storm, please tell a friend or staff member so that you will be accounted for.

For more information on emergency procedures, please see the below link:


Ken Geremia
Director of Security

ps - Oh, and if your parents happen to call or email, it may be because they're worried about you.  Sorry if you find that annoying, but it's pretty much their main job as a parent, so call them back please!