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Campus Information Regarding Hurricane Sandy

Dear students,

With Hurricane Sandy approaching the coast of New England and the Mid-Atlantic, we are expecting high winds and rain during the next 24 hours. The weather is expected to worsen this afternoon, with the strongest winds and heaviest rain expected this evening into tomorrow morning. Updated information can be found via a link on the College's home page at, or directly at


  • Students should plan to stay indoors today to avoid injury from falling branches, trees or power lines, and should only leave their residence hall for meals or other essential tasks. When moving around campus, stay alert to hazards (take out your ear buds!), avoid passing beneath trees, and get to your destination as directly as possible.
  • The following buildings are CLOSED today: Kilpatrick Athletic Center, Daniel Arts Center (including all studios), Alumni Library, Fisher Science Center, College Center, Kellogg, Music Practice Rooms.
  • The Dining Hall will remain OPEN both for regularly scheduled meals, and in between meals and after dinner as a common space, as long as the weather allows. Again, please be careful moving between your residence and the Dining Hall.
  • An announcement regarding whether the college will open or hold classes tomorrow will be communicated at 5:30am via email, and later in the morning via the emergency alert system.
  • This afternoon, the campus will switch from the local electrical grid to a generator, to preserve power in the event that local electricity is disrupted. This process will take an hour, after which most Lower Campus locations will have full electrical capacity as usual, regardless of power loss outside of the campus. Upper Campus is NOT served by the generator. Residence Life staff are already communicating with Upper Campus residents about plans for relocating if power is lost there.
  • If the power in your building does go out, DO NOT light candles or burn anything else inside the building (or outside, for that matter). Security has small personal lights available, and Residence Directors have flashlights.
  • Report any emergency or damage to Security immediately at x7291
  • Keep your computers, phones and other devices charged.
  • Residence Life and Security staff are available as always. RDs will be available in their buildings this afternoon and through the night. If you have concerns, problems, or questions, please contact them, or call Security.
  • If internet access and/or the phone system become unavailable, check with your RD. They have radios and will communicate the latest information from the college, including any changes to classes. Most likely if this happens, the loss of internet connectivity will be due to problems off campus (in the surrounding region, so we will dependent on our regional providers to bring the internet service back up. ITS will be working with these providers to bring up service in the region ASAP if there were to be an outage.
  • There will be both a Nurse and a Counselor on call; in the event that you need to speak with either one, they are available through your RD or Security.

Please monitor your email and stay alert for further information. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to talk to your RD or call Security.

Stay safe,
Marty Checchi and the Student Life staff