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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live off-campus?

Simon’s Rock is a residential college, meaning that we provide a living/learning community on campus and expect all students to live in campus housing. There are two exceptions: incoming first-year students who plan to live with their parent/guardian and commute to Simon’s Rock, and seniors who petition for and are granted permission to live off-campus.

If you are an incoming student who plans to live with family and commute to Simon’s Rock for classes, you may indicate on your Housing Profile that you will not need on-campus housing. Seniors must email the Director of Residence Life at to request permission prior to the start of classes for the semester they intend to live off-campus.

Am I allowed to have a car on campus?

Students are not permitted to bring a car to campus for the first two semesters they are at Simon’s Rock. Upperclassmen (sophomores and above) must register vehicles with Security.

What happens over breaks? Do I have to go home?

During the week-long breaks (there are two each semester), students are expected to vacate the dorms, which close at noon on the first Saturday of break (see the Residence Life calendar for dates). Limited housing is available for students whose homes are more than 300 miles from the campus; those who wish to stay must submit a written request at the Office of Residence Life. Information and deadlines will be distributed two weeks prior to break.

Can I come back from break early?

Students who have not received permission to be on campus during break are expected to remain off-campus for the duration. Residents may not return until the dorms reopen at noon on the second Sunday of break.

Am I allowed to have overnight guests?

Individual visitors are allowed on campus for a total of four visits of up to 24 hours each per semester. These may be four overnight visits, one four-day visit, or any other combination thereof. Students must sign in their guests at Security upon their arrival. It is expected that a student will clear all guests with their roommate(s) before inviting them to stay. All residents of a room must agree to guests or they are not permitted.

In some circumstances, an extension of the visit might be granted. Requests for extensions must be made to the Director of Residence Life during normal business hours and before the guest arrives.

In the tri-dorms, residents must abide by parietals (see below). In single-sex dorms, residents may only sign in guests of the same sex. Opposite-sex guests must be signed in by and stay with a resident of the same sex in another dorm.

What are Parietals?

Parietals are closing times for the tri-dorms. Crosby, Dolliver and Kendrick are closed to non-residents at midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 1:00 a.m. on weekends. The buildings re-open at 7:00 a.m. In between, only residents of each building are permitted to be inside; all non-residents must vacate at closing time. Non-residents found within a building during Parietals will be charged with an infraction.

Can I have a pet?

Students are not permitted to keep pets of any kind at Simon’s Rock. Exceptions may be made for freshwater fish in a small tank. See the Student Handbook for specifics of the pet policy.

How do I pick my room?

Each April, students participate in Housing Selection to determine where they will live the following year. Students petition for group housing in two rounds; once group housing is distributed, the remaining students are assigned random lottery numbers and choose rooms in number order within their graduating class.

What if I don’t like my room?

We try to make the room choosing/assignment process as fair as possible, but the variety of rooms and types of space on campus means that not everyone will end up living in their “dream” space. Students are given an opportunity to petition for a room change at the end of the fall semester. While there is no guarantee that a specific requested space will become available over Intersession, the number of students leaving to study away or requesting reassignment means that some change is possible.

Students who would like to “swap” room assignments on a one-to-one basis may petition the Director of Residence Life for permission to do so. Moving without Residence Life pre-approval is not permitted and can result in fines. For everyone’s safety, it’s important that our records correctly reflect who is living where on campus.

I have difficulty concentrating in my (double) room. Can I have a single?

While most students would concentrate better, and indeed be happier, in a room all their own, the campus cannot accommodate all requests for singles. In addition, the nature of space on a college campus, the number of students under a single roof, makes the expectation of “quiet” and the absence of distraction an unlikely condition even in a single room. Students who need a more peaceful, distraction-free environment in which to study are encouraged to seek out designated study spaces on campus such as those in the library.

Single rooms are limited on campus, and often the number of students with demonstrated medical/psychological need for singles exceeds the number of available rooms. Special requests are accommodated based on the severity of need, the order in which the requests are received, and the availability of space.

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