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by Jared Weiss '10

It’s hard to believe… I have completed every last assignment, fulfilled every last obligation of my undergraduate career. In less than a week, I will be leaving this place with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology at age 17, and lo and behold, I will henceforth be a college graduate.…
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Welcome to RockNet, the online community for Simon's Rock Alumni!

Below is an overview of the features we hope you'll enjoy on this new alumni site.

84AlfordRoad: RockNet Message Board. Governed by alumni moderators, this is your private alumni message board where you can reconnect, share memories and news, arrange meet-ups, and talk about ideas with other Rockers. To access this, you’ll need your username and password.
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Calendar. Share details of readings, openings, gigs, lectures, travel plans, gatherings with other Rockers. We’ll add college-hosted alumni events, but you’ll generate most of the content.
Featured Alum. A monthly profile of one of your fellow Rockers doing interesting things in the world. Use the Nominate an alum to feature link to recommend an alum—maybe yourself!—to be featured. (A word about grammar: We sometimes use “alum” to get around the more unsightly alumna/us. You know it isn’t really a word and we want you to know we know it, too.)
Book Club. Faculty members and fellow alumni lead discussions on books of their choice. Use the Recommend a Book link to suggest books you think would make for good discussion.
Photo Gallery. Albums of the good old (and not so old) days from our archives and yours. Use the Submit a photo link to send us pics you’d like to share. We’ll sometimes put out a call for photos from a certain era or on a certain theme.
Donate and Volunteer. More information on ways to support the college.
Connect. Access Simon’s Rock Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, and LinkedIn sites.

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84AlfordRoad: ROCKNET
Discuss the latest book.
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Submit and read class notes.
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Where meet-ups and events can be organized in conversation.
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Where general discussion threads can begin.
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