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by Jared Weiss '10

It’s hard to believe… I have completed every last assignment, fulfilled every last obligation of my undergraduate career. In less than a week, I will be leaving this place with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology at age 17, and lo and behold, I will henceforth be a college graduate.…
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Registration Fee?
All attendees are required to pay a nominal registration fee regardless of the events attended on campus during Reunion Weekend. Other event fees may be included or omitted as listed in the brochure. Please review the reunion weekend brochure for individual meal costs.

Registration fees offset a portion of overall reunion costs incurred by the College in planning and implementing Reunion Weekend. Simon’s Rock does not make any profit from Reunion Weekend.

What dorms will be available?
Rooms will be available in Crosby, Kendrick and Hill House. You can let us know your preference, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to honor your preference. Room assignments will be made in order of reservations received. Register early!

When will I receive my room assignment?
You will receive your room assignment at check-in upon your arrival to campus.

Can I just show up for Reunion?
No, all attendees must register in advance and the deadline is May 10th. In order to plan events properly we need to know how many people are coming. No one wants to run out of food and drinks!!

Are spouses/partners/significant others/kids invited?
Absolutely! We encourage alumni to bring their entire families. All activities and programs are open to anyone who is on campus for the weekend.

Is child care available?
There is no child care provided. Alumni must supervise their children at all times on campus. Children are welcome to attend events with you.

A resource for local babysitters in Great Barrington is the Berkshire South Regional Community Center. Please contact Jenna Bronson at 413-528-2810 ext. 34 or via email at

Will the Bookstore be open?
Yes, the Bookstore will be open over the weekend. The hours will be published on the Reunion site and will be posted during the weekend.

Will I be able to use the Kilpatrick Athletic Center?
Yes, all registered guests will be able to use the KAC. You will need to check-in at the front desk and complete paperwork regarding liability and insurance. Children must be supervised by a parent/guardian.

What is the attire for the weekend?
Dress comfortable and casual! Remember the campus is hilly. Recommended attire for the opening reception and alumni author reading is dressy casual. Cocktail/dressy attire is recommended for the Champagne reception and Dinner Dance.

Is there a Ride Board for getting to and from Simon’s Rock for Reunion?
Yes, you can find a ride board on the alumni message board, otherwise known as 84alfordroad. Log in at to post a ride need or to offer a ride to others!

Where can I find more info on ways to get to campus?
There are directions to campus and information about various modes of transportation on our website at:

How can I find out who's coming?
Right now, you can see a list of who is planning to attend on the Simon’s Rock Reunion page on the website: This list is updated on a weekly basis.

Are pets allowed?
For safety reasons, please do not bring pets or other animals to Reunion. It can be harmful for the animals, as well as the people who encounter them.

Can I set up at tent and camp on campus?
No, we are unable to offer camping as an option this year. Maybe next year! In the meantime, we recommend checking out nearby camping options. One website to go to is: . A few places to camp nearby include Mount Washington State Park, Beartown State Park and Mount Greylock.

I registered for Reunion, but now I can’t attend. Can I get a refund?
We can process a full refund if you make the request in writing no later than May 10, 2012. After that date, we are unable to offer refunds.