Welcome to Early College - Icosahedron
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ico-symbol2.png i · co · sa · he · dron:
-- n, pl -drons, -dra

In geometry, an icosahedron is a solid in three dimensions with 20 triangular flat faces, 30 straight edges and 12 vertices.

Welcome to The World of Early College.

icosahedron That same curiosity that led you here is a trait all Rockers share. They also share a desire to chart their own course, to be the cartographer of the future they are mapping. Only at Simon's Rock can that future start now. Why wait to surround yourself with intellectual peers, to research subjects you haven't even dreamed about yet, and engage in deep discussions with your professors and classmates?

You've explored the possibilities that await you in the world of Early College. Now we invite you to delve a little deeper. Explore the course catalog and assemble your dream schedule. Discover some of our professors and learn about the research projects you could be leading with them. Find out what Simon's Rock students have to say about life at the Rock, or talk with a current student.

This is College. Now. Why wait?

updated Monday, September 08