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Mission of A.C.E. Advisory Board

Our mission is to work together as students, faculty and staff to ensure that everyone on campus has ample opportunity to engage as a member of the school, the town, and the world at large. The ACE board ensures that the ACE program has clearly defined guidelines and communicates to the college community. We are driven by the idea that every individual has the power and the influence to affect society. By encouraging people to actively involve themselves in their social as well as academic education, the ACE program enables them to expand their world view and prepare them for lives of contribution in the Simon's Rock tradition.

Definition Of A.C.E. Areas:

Athletics and Recreation:

Participation on a team, athletics class, dance class or other school or student sponsored physical activity can meet ACE Athletics and Recreation requirements. All ACE athletics programs are inclusive, open to all regardless of experience.

Health And Wellness:

Programs in the Health and Wellness area will provide students with resources and tools to make more informed decisions regarding public and personal health, both physical and emotional. These lectures, discussions and activities will not only address prevention but also respond to specific situations. Health and Wellness programs will explore and educate the campus community on issues of health and medical diversity.

Participation and Service:

The Participation and Service segment of the ACE program can be fulfilled through two avenues. The first is through independent or group volunteer service which does not fulfill an academic or job requirement. The second is through attending lectures or events which directly deal with community issues such as campus or global diversity.