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An exciting and comprehensive program established in the Fall of 2010 at Simon’s Rock called the Active Community Engagement (ACE) program has been instrumental in ensuring that our students are as successful outside of the classroom as they are within. ACE-related activities are numerous and varied. Staff and faculty across campus are offering ACE opportunities for students to get involved in ways they may not have explored before in each of the three ACE areas, Athletics and Recreation, Health and Wellness, and Participation and Service. Students at Simon’s Rock have always been involved in their campus community and participated in many of these types of activities, but due to the ACE program, students are now able to engage in a personalized ACE program which complements their classroom experience and contributes to the mission of each student’s development in a more holistic way.

At the beginning of this academic year, the ACE Advisory Board was created to oversee the ACE program, in consultation with the Dean of Students. The Board is comprised of students, faculty, and staff. The ACE Advisory Board meets weekly. Service positions on the ACE Advisory Board require a commitment to attend weekly meetings. The representatives are as follows:

Voting Members (Appointed by the Dean of Students):

  • Annie Kosar M.S., Residence Director, Hill House
  • Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, Faculty in Languages and Literature
  • Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, Faculty in Languages and Literature
  • Sue Lyon, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Virginia Jeffries, Residence Director, Kendrick House

Voting Students (Appointed by the Dean of Students and Community Council):

  • Lucy Peterson, Sophomore
  • Desiree Frias, Sophomore
  • Taliah Mirmalek, First-Year
  • Karishma Jani, First-Year

Non-Voting Members (Appointed Staff, Faculty, and Residence Directors):

  • Anne O’Dwyer, Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Bob Graves, Dean of Student Affairs
  • Ginny Guenette, Registered Nurse, Health Services
  • Valerie Fanarjian, Director of Activities
  • Keon Diggs, Residence Director, Upper Campus, (Carriage House, Pibly House, and Cottage House)
  • David Collopy, Director of Kilpatrick Athletic Center

Progress Of ACE Advisory Board:

The ACE Advisory Board met weekly in the Fall semester and continues to meet weekly this Spring working to enhance communication of the ACE program to students and the campus community, establishing goals, and reviewing requests for ACE-related events. At our weekly meetings, the Board also determines how many credits can be earned for individual events, and in which area the credit can
be applied. The board has defined its mission and guidelines, and the ACE-related areas of Athletics and Recreation, Health and Wellness, and Participation and Service. All of which can be found on the ACE website (link listed below). The ACE Advisory Board has been working to help streamline the intricacies of the ACE program and would now like to begin to communicate who we are and some of our work with the campus community.

The Board created two forms to submit when requesting ACE status or credit for an event. The first is for students/faculty/staff to request ACE status for their event, thus enabling students in attendance to receive ACE credit. The second form is for individuals to request ACE credit for a specific program that they have worked on themselves, in order to receive ACE credit.

Please continue to check the link to the College’s ACE webpage, as information will be continually updated there. ACE forms are available either online or in the Student Life Office.

Information about your personal ACE progress will be delivered to your mailbox after winter break. Watch for it.

If you have questions about the ACE Program or ACE Advisory Board, please contact a member of the Board for assistance. You can also email

Thank You!

ACE Advisory Board

c/o Annie Kosar, Coordinator of ACE Advisory Board