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Division of Social Studies

globeThe Division of Social Studies offers a wide range of courses in the social sciences and cultural studies, listed here by discipline: Anthropology, economics, geography, history, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology. They share the goals of developing knowledge and appreciation of human diversity and providing a strong interdisciplinary background. The social science courses are designed to foster understanding of humans and society, social change, and the dynamic connections between social groups and their individual members. Through study of the influence of past events and thought on current situations and attitudes and through analysis of modern institutions, values, and problems, students become more aware of their place in the flow of history and in the context of world affairs.

Courses at the 100-level introduce students to the approaches and modes of analysis of the social sciences. Higher level courses examine the disciplines in greater detail, introduce interdisciplinary perspectives, and are the basis of work in several of the BA concentrations.

Courses marked CP with the course number offer credits toward the Cultural Perspectives requirement.


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