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Division of Languages and Literature

Arabic homeworkThe Division of Languages and Literature encompasses the study and appreciation of a number of foreign languages and the cultures they represent; the study of literature and film in those languages, in English, and in translation; the art of creative writing (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry); and the study of linguistics. Nearly all faculty offer courses in literature, often employing interdisciplinary perspectives and contexts. Cultural studies, theories of literature and the other arts, and comparative studies of literature are frequently part of the curriculum. Courses in this division support a number of concentrations, including creative writing, linguistics, literary studies, and contemporary critical theory. Students are also encouraged to develop interdisciplinary concentrations and explore area studies such as African American studies, Asian studies, French and Francophone studies, gender studies, German studies, modern studies, and Spanish and Latin American studies.

Courses marked CP with the course number offer credits towards the Cultural Perspectives requirement. Language courses marked CP with the course number can offer credits toward either the Cultural Perspectives requirement or the Language requirement, but not both.

World Languages, Cultures, and Literatures

The ability to understand other cultures is essential to a liberal education. | more | 

Literature & Creative Writing

The literature program offers many elective courses in British and American literature, as well as foreign language... | more | 

Faculty in Languages and Literature

Faculty in the Division of Languages and Literature | more |