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Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking

Drawing, painting, and printmaking involve different studio skills and approaches, but are closely interrelated areas of the visual arts. Students in this concentration take a wide range of foundation courses, seek a strong background in art history and criticism, and explore a variety of media in intermediate and advanced studios. The curriculum is designed to foster a disciplined approach to independent, self-generated work in each course, whether it be a basic foundation class or a Senior Thesis project. Our faculty consists of working artists and historians, and we provide facilities for students to investigate a wide range of traditional and experimental approaches and areas of study. The program encourages students to develop interdisciplinary interests, to work with a wide range of media, and to explore a broad range of ideas. Ideally, students interested in this concentration should take Drawing from Imagination, Drawing and Painting from Nature, Relief Printmaking, and the introductory photography course in their first two years and before Moderation. Graphic Design, Survey of Western Art: Renaissance to Postmodern, Drawing and Design, Impressionism and Japonisme, and Japanese Woodblock Prints can also serve as important background work for advanced art history and studio offerings in this concentration.

Curriculum (Minimum Credit Total: 21)

Students in the concentration take four courses or modules at the intermediate level, two approved history courses, and two approved advanced courses for a minimum credit total of 21 credits. Students in the concentration interested in pursuing individual interests in depth may also elect tutorials and independent projects.

Intermediate Courses (Minimum of Four)

Studio Art 202 Drawing from Direct Observation
Studio Art 203 Drawing from Imagination
Studio Art 218 Designing with Computers
Studio Art 222 Graphic Design
Studio Art 223 Writing and Photography Studio
Studio Art 224 Experiments in Photography
Studio Art 235 Painting Studio
Studio Art 237 Illustration Studio
Studio Art 238 Introduction to Figure Drawing

Approved History Courses (Minimum of Two), Such as:

Art History 102 Survey of Western Art: Renaissance to Postmodern
Art History 113 CP Global Art: Africa and the Americas
Art History 114 CP Global Art: Middle East and Asia
Art History 211 Picasso’s Art: Erotics and Politics
Art History 218/318 Critical Issues in Contemporary Photography
Art History 222 Clothing in Art

Advanced Courses (Minimum of Two), Such as:

Studio Art 303 Color Photography
Studio Art 304 Photographic Portrait/Self-Portrait
Studio Art 307/407 Documentary Photography
Studio Art 312/412 Beyond 35mm Photography
Studio Art 323 Writing and Photography Studio
Studio Art 329/429 Artists’ Books Studio
Studio Art 333/433 Figure Drawing Studio
Studio Art 335/435 Painting Studio
Studio Art 337/437 Illustration Studio
Studio Art 356/456 Advanced Projects in Photography
Studio Art 373 Drawing from Imagination
Studio Art 374 Experiments in Photography

Recent Senior Theses

Most drawing, painting, and printmaking theses consist of a significant written element and a one-person exhibition, which the student designs, installs, and documents at one of the galleries on campus. Recent theses in this area include:
“Dog Days: A Study of Aspects of Oil Painting”
“A Journey through the Painted Forest: Experiments in Multimedia”
“Procedures in Graphic Design”
“Paintings and Printouts”
“Exploring Woodcut, Monotype, Collagraph, and My Relationship to Work”
“Mud and Myrabolam: An Exploration of Pattern, Fabric, and the Woodblock Printing Traditions of Jaipur, India”
“Open Book: Stories in Words and Pictures”
“Happens in Threes: Illustrated Narratives”
“Awakening Elsewhere: An Exploration of Original Art, Reproductions, and Illustration”
“Davie and the Tigermaiden: Five Chinese Stories and a New American Fairytale”

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Joan DelPlato, Arthur Hillman, Ben Krupka, Tanya Marcuse
Faculty Contacts Ben Krupka, Tanya Marcuse