“There’s such a variety of students here. I don’t think there’s any quality inherent to a Simon’s Rock student.

The most important thing about Simon’s Rock to me has been the ability to think critically. They say that all through freshman year and they say that in the admissions packets that they mail out to you. And it didn’t really mean much until coming here. Then my thinking did change. My view of the world did change. I’m definitely better off for it.

It’s something important about the school. It’s something that needs to be experienced really to fully appreciate it. So it has really encouraged me to think critically, to not accept things at face value, to question things.

Small class sizes are good, too, because it’s nice to be able to engage with your professors in class. After a couple of years or a few semesters, I realized there was no – I hadn’t encountered a bad professor.

Sciences are pretty interesting—physics. I want to transfer to Columbia and do Chemical Engineering. I really didn’t even know what Engineering was before coming here, but I did have plans to become an astrophysicist.”

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