“Simon’s Rock is very open about everything, accepting people’s different ideas and everything. But when it comes to accepting a religion, we are very ignorant about that. So that was something that I wanted to change, because students who come here come here from all different religions.

So as being a co-president of an international club now, that’s what I want to do. So like in the beginning of this year we did this inter-faith dinner where we invited people from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and came together and talked about some of the similarities that we have, and just to work on those similarities rather than just like saying ‘Hey you’re Jewish and I’m Muslim.’ Why not just say ‘Hey you believe in this and I believe in the same thing, so why not just work together?’

Now as part of that, one of my friends, Samad, and I applied to this inter-faith youth conference where we were going to be trained how to spread inter-faith on campus and activities on campus. We both got a scholarship to go to the White House in October of last year and just learn different ways—and meet other people from like all over the country and find out what are the amazing things that they have done and how you can benefit—what we can learn from them and how we can put it into action here on campus. Yes so now that I see students coming up and like after that I have a friend who is Baha’i and she came and she gave a presentation on Baha’ism. I never knew before that she was Baha’i because we were friends and we have many friends for a long time but I never knew that. Now that she found out that people are talking about religion here on campus, she had the motivation to come up and talk about what her religion is. So yes I do see a positive impact on campus and I really appreciate it.”