“I went to a prep school with a strong science department. I took art classes there but it was never something that I thought I could pursue as a profession. When I came to Simon’s Rock I continued to take science classes and thought that would be my major. Then I took my first ceramics class and I was hooked. Now that’s my concentration. I think students sometimes limit themselves when thinking about what they should study, because of money. I’ve heard people say that they would go into the arts but can’t because they wouldn’t make money. I guess I’d rather live simply than do something I didn’t love.

It’s a lot like choosing a college. Some of my high school friends didn’t attend their first choice schools because another place was cheaper. When I came to Simon’s Rock, I knew it was where I belonged. The College gave me a generous aid package, but I still had to take out a loan. I don’t regret incurring some debt, I’ve loved this experience. My mother paid her college debt until my brother was born. A lot of people do. It may take some time but it will get paid. I’d find it much more painful to sacrifice what I loved just to save money.”

My Work:
Portfolio of ceramics work

Where are they now? Nora transferred to Arizona State University, where she continues to study Art. See a recent self-portrait.