“The New York City Board of Education has a gifted and talented (G&T) program. In third grade, I was accepted to be a part of it. People in the G&T programs are usually doing insane stuff at a really young age. I’ve seen kids do algebra in first grade. It has never really been that way with me. I just understood basic concepts faster than most of my peers, which helped me to learn things quickly.

A lot of people who are advanced in a particular subject tend to only focus on what they’re good at. In a lot of schools that’s acceptable, and even encouraged. One of the things I really like about Simon’s Rock is that we’re exposed to everything, not just what we’re good at.

Also, my dad keeps telling me about an EQ test that measures emotionally intelligence. For me, that’s been one of the most valuable things about this college experience—relationships. The importance of this is easy to overlook. Sure you can be a math genius, or have a really high IQ, but that doesn’t mean you understand people, which is really just as important as being smart.

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Where are they now? Michael traveled to the Hannover Medical School in Germany to research how different proteins play a role in the efficacy of various drugs, and to china to conduct research with Professor Chris Coggins into Feng shui Forests. He’ll be a senior in the fall.