“It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, but you should be curious about the world and enthusiastic about your hobbies and interests.

I went to Australia with the School for Field Studies, and it was amazing. It was incredible. I would highly recommend it for anybody, if they can possibly manage it, to go abroad somewhere. The part I really like about the School for Field Study was that I wasn’t going to a university in Australia; I was actually living in a rainforest because Australia does have a rainforest. That was amazing because I just got to be so engulfed by all these just incredible forest-plant-animals-everything. It was so cool. It was great. I got an incredible research experience out of it.

When you come here, it’s definitely a surprise how much you change. It’s not positive, it’s not negative, but just the difference between who you were when you first started here and who you become when you leave, even if you’re leaving after your sophomore year, there are so many changes. It’s incredible, really, to look back on yourself.

I was on a plane once and the person next to me was like, ‘So where do you go to school?’ and I told them about it, and someone in the row behind me was like, ‘Oh, I went there.’ It’s completely crazy and random because it’s such a small school and it’s only been around since the ‘60s, so to find somebody that actually went here was really hilarious.”

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