An Alternative Guide to Simon's Rock

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A Profile of Senior Theses: Part 5 of 6

Significant works of historical and literary scholarship, original scientific investigation, extended creative projects, and senior theses at Bard College at Simon's Rock all make for absorbing, if not light reading.

All BA students at Simon’s Rock complete a senior thesis, consisting of a significant independent project that they conceive, organize, and carry out with support from a faculty advisor. The thesis is the capstone of the student's liberal arts and sciences education and a culmination of their breadth of learning at Simon’s Rock.

Continuing a celebrated tradition, provost and vice president Mary B. Marcy offered remarks and impressions of each of the nearly 50 theses completed during the 2009/2010 academic year to an audience of graduates, staff, and faculty in May. As in years past, Marcy has crafted categories by which to organize theses. This year, they were presented as follows: "Building a Different World: Allegories, Folk Tales, and Design;" "Can You Hear Me Now: Identity, Communication, and Creation;" "Play or State of the Play;" "Little Things and Big Things;" "An Alternative Guide to Simon's Rock;" and "Culture Clash, Where the West Begins."

Over the next several months, the Newsroom will continue to feature theses as presented by Provost Marcy within their assigned categories. This month, she focuses on those collected in "An Alternative Guide to Simon's Rock."

Noah Appelbaum Parades!
Noah thought of parades as a medium that could explore, challenge, and embrace the environment all at once. Listen
Leila DuncanEdible and Medicinal Plants of the Berkshires
...A comprehensive catalogue of medicinal and edible plants on campus...Listen
Phyu Hninn NyeinTick-tock Goes the Clock: A Study on Circadian Rhythms
Unlike Rockers, zebra fish don't pull lots of all-nighters and hang out at the Library, but they do have clear circadian rhythms...Listen
Julian Rex StallerFISH-n-FLORA: A Simon’s Rock Aquaponics SystemJulian looked both at environmental science and at biology and said, "Let’s think beyond the Community Garden - we can do more than that."Listen
Maung Kyaw Moe TunComparative Evaluation of Antioxidant Activities and Total Phenol Contents of Several Bracket Fungi
A fairly sophisticated bit of chemical and biological analysis, with lots of avenues and paths for future research...Listen

*All senior theses are bound and are included in the Library’s permanent collection. They are available for review on premises or by contacting the Library at