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David Reed Myers

Expertise: organic chemistry 

Dr. Myers' research interests include reactive organic intermediates; strained organic molecules; and computer modeling of strained organic molecules and organic reactions involving reactive intermediates. He also has an interest in the antibacterial properties of indigenous fungi in Berkshire County. In addition, he has a strong interest in the improvement of education in chemistry and has served as a reader for the Advanced Placement (AP) Program. He serves as Chair-elect of the Connecticut Valley Section of the American Chemical Society (2007); he will be Chair of the CVSACS in 2008. During 2007-2008, he served as a member of the Organic Chemistry Examination Committee of the American Chemical Society. His research has been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, the Journal of Organic Chemistry, and Tetrahedron Letters. Dr. Myers also pursued a year of postdoctoral study at McMaster University and worked as a chemist for Starks Associates, a private synthesis company in Buffalo, New York. He was the recipient of a Garden State Graduate Fellowship from 1980 to 1984.  BS, BA, magna cum laude, Fairleigh Dickinson University; MA, PhD, Princeton University.    

Phone: 413-528-7436