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Asma Abbas

Expertise: politics

Dr. Abbas’ scholarly interests are located at the intersection politics, ethics, and aesthetics in and beyond the liberal tradition. Her in-progress book manuscript, Suffering Liberalism: A Critique of the Political Economy of Injury, investigates the poetics and politics of suffering and memory in liberal and post-liberal theory. In a new multidisciplinary project interested in the possibility of a contemporary anticolonial praxis, she is exploring questions of time, labor, love, and desire under colonialism. She has presented her work at political science and philosophy conferences. Before coming to Simon’s Rock, she organized academic conferences on globalization and on Jean-Jacques Rousseau at Penn State and the theater festival Artifice in Karachi, where she also founded and edited Pandora, a collection of original poetry and prose. Dr. Abbas has been published in Politics and Culture. She also contributes, in Urdu and as a translator, to a literary-political journal based in Karachi. Dr. Abbas taught courses in political theory and comparative politics at Penn State, where she received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award and the Miller Fellowship in Political Science, and was a resident at the Institute of Arts and Humanities. BBA with honors; MBA, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan; MA, New School for Social Research; PhD The Pennsylvania State University. 

Phone: 413-528-7215