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nyt logo invertedIn their quarterly education publication, the New York Times highlighted Bard College at Simon’s Rock’s National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) results. Simon’s Rock responses were graphed alongside 82 other institutions, which included Dickinson, George Mason, Harvey Mudd, Mt. Holyoke, Miami University, Penn State, the University of Michigan, the University of Vermont, Virginia Tech, and Wellesley College, among others.

The results pointed to Simon’s Rock’s high level of student engagement, close faculty relationships, campus diversity, and an overall satisfaction with the education, which far exceeded the average. The report indicated that a whopping 88% of Bard College at Simon’s Rock students would choose this education all over again, ranking second only to Virginia Tech’s 89% satisfaction rate.

Associate dean of Academic Affairs Anne O’Dwyer summarizes the results this way: “They highlight that Bard College at Simon’s Rock is above most other colleges surveyed when it comes to level of academic challenge, enriching learning experiences, student-faculty interaction, as well as engagement in active and collaborative learning.”

Below, a few graphs illustrating the New York Times report on NSSE data. Simon’s Rock is indicated in red. (Click on graphs to enlarge.)

NSSE graph 1

NSSE graph 2

NSSE graph 3

NSSE graph 4

NSSE graph 5