November Newsflash

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Professor Larry Wallach highlighted a presentation of works by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius at the Bard Music Festival for New York Arts.
Financial TImes

Financial Times presents the new generation of tech CEOs: Jessica Mah ’06 is one of their “Billion dollar brains”.

Huffington Post

Ronan Farrow ’99 was in New York for a State Department panel, “Youth Driving Change: Global Youth and Civic Engagement.” His work there was highlighted on Huffington Post.


Smithsonian magazine asks the millions dollar question: “Are machines dumbing us down?” For answers, they turn to Overseer Eli Pariser ’96. Meanwhile, the London Free Press calls Pariser’s recent TED Talk “brilliant”


Joel ’71 and Ethan Coen ’74 made Time’s list of “the all-time 25 best sports movies” with their inimitable non-bowling bowling film, The Big Lebowski

The New Republic

When Politicians Misspeak, Should We Care?” and “Why No One is Right in California’s Affirmative Action Debate”: Overseer John McWhorter ’81’s latest pieces in The New Republic

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

Check out a video of comic artist Alison Bechdel ’77 on San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.

Wall Street Journal

Drummer Shahzad Ismaily ’88’s performance with the band Ceramic Dog was called “mesmerizing” by the New York Times. He also got a shout out from collaborator Will Oldham in the Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times

Henry Alford ’80 charts how we learned to be able to laugh—when appropriate—at the trials of living with cancer in the New York Times.