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Work Meets Play: Faculty Talk Summer

Yes, school is out for summer, but that doesn’t seem to stop the Bard College at Simon’s Rock faculty. True to form, faculty are mixing work and play to round out their summer months before they head back to the classrooms in the fall. Some took the time to send a virtual postcard of their plans and summer adventures.

Tanya Marcuse, faculty member in photography, has swimming, butterflies, and photography cued for the summer. Tanya will work on her book of photographs, Wax Bodies with Nazraeli Press, while starting an entirely new project photographing historical glass and wax fruit. Despite the warm weather, she can’t keep out of the classroom and will be teaching two workshops at The Maine Media Workshops and The Center for Photography in Woodstock, NY. And then she’ll swim, and swim, and swim. As a long distance swimmer, Tanya won’t just dip in the Hudson River and Lake Placid—she’s going the distance—all day swims that will take her across the large expanses of water. And then she’ll dry off and head into the yard with her five year old son to collect Monarch butterfly eggs on her milkweed plants—saving them from getting mowed. “We started this project last year,” she writes. “When they hatch, we will raise the caterpillars and tag the butterflies that emerge for Monarch Watch before releasing them.  We hope to tag at least 50 butterflies.” 

Karen Beaumont, theater faculty member, has a lot on her plate this summer. Despite it being a vacation, she’s doing quite a bit of work. Karen writes, “I will be working with Aimee Michel… adapting John K. Lawson's novel Hurricane Hotel for the stage,” with a reading staged for the upcoming annual Berkshire Fringe Festival. Karen’s also going to work with Stephen Earnhart to adapt Haruki Murakami's novel The Wind Up Bird Chronicles for a multi media performance. In between adaptations she’ll continue working on her book on movement for actors, research a show on falling, go to Saskatchewan, work in the community garden, hop on a horse for a ride, and if there’s some time—enjoy a few shows.

Philosophy faculty member Monshin Paul Naamon will continue as the abbot of the Tendai Buddhist Institute in East Chatham, NY, which offers the only ordination training for Tendai Buddhist priests outside Japan. In June, Tendai Buddhists from countries such as Denmark, England, Germany and Canada, as well as U.S. practitioners, came to the institute for Tendai Budhist priest training. Paul will take candidates on a one-day kaihogyo, where they will walk about 18 miles along dirt back roads.

Eric Kramer, physics faculty member, will be in residence for a week at the Kavli Institue for Theoretical Physics (UC Santa Barbara) in August. He’ll speak to a group involved in a program addressing plant and animal development. In addition to directing the research of two Simon’s Rock summer students, Rasberry Simpson and Lukas Fuchsofen, Kramer will direct the work of his full time employee at UMass Amherst, where he continues research on transport in plants with his UMass collaborators.

It will be a busy couple of weeks for music faculty member Larry Wallach from July 24-August 2, when he’ll be in attendance at the International Baroque Institute at Longy School in Cambridge.  Larry will be knee deep in master classes, workshops, chamber music ensembles, and lectures, which all deal with music of the 17th and 18th centuries. He will participate as a harpsichordist in the master class of Arthur Haas, with the week culminating in a series of performances given by participants from around the world.