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For incoming students, most faces on campus will be new. For returning students, only new hires since May will be unfamiliar. From faculty to staff, the dining hall to the College Center, in all the College has hired several new people since May. Below, an introduction to some of the new members of the Bard College at Simon’s Rock community—find their contact information in the comprehensive internal phone and email directory.

New Faculty and Academic Staff

Eden Pruitt, PhD: Dr. Pruitt has taught psychology at Loyola University of New Orleans, Tulane University, and The Pennsylvania State University. She has two main research lines. In one line she examines the intersecting identities of race, class, and gender. More specifically she is interested in how the intersecting identities of race and gender may influence everyday experiences and perceptions of discrimination. She is also interested in what the Black middle class may feel when they reflect on their status privileges relative to lower income Black Americans. In her other research line, Dr. Pruitt and her colleagues investigate what factors lead to improved judgments of discrimination and prejudice in other people. She has presented her papers on her research at a number of national conferences including The Society of Personality and Social Psychologists and The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. She is also a Group Dynamics consultant for a middle school in North Carolina. BA, Departmental Honors, Wesleyan University, MS, PhD, Tulane University. Eden is located in the Hall College Center.

Stacey Doan will teach psychology at the College this year. Doan has a Psychology from Carleton College, an M.A. in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University and a PhD pending, June 2010, from Cornell University. Doan’s research focuses on the effects of culture and context on mother-child interactions, and the effects of these interactions on children's developing emotional knowledge. She has presented research at the American Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Science, and Society for Research in Child Development. Additionally, she has published on culture and child development, emotion, and memory. Stacey is located in the Hall College Center.

Francisca Oyogoa will teach sociology at the College this year. She was born in Nigeria and grew up moving between Lagos, England, and Georgia, the USA. She’s paticuarly attracted to the early college mission, having herself been an early college student entering Bowdoin College at the age of 16. For this reason, she feels that she and Simon’s Rock students are somewhat like kindred spirits. Francisca’s journey to academia started early into her college career, which is when she decided she wanted to teach young people who were committed to learning. She is a doctoral candidate in sociology with her work revolving around labor/work, class inequality, race, gender, migration, and contemporary globalization. Francisca is located in the Hall College Center.

Lianyue “Lian” Zhang is the College’s Foreign Language Exchange Tutor, and will teach the Chinese language labs in this new role. Lian worked as Chinese teacher in Qingdao University in China as part of an exchange program with Bard. She comes to the College as the Chinese language program on campus has become more and more popular. Lian is looking forward to studying with young and ambitious college students, as well as getting to know and work with the faculty and staff on campus. She majored in Chinese language and literature, graduating with an MA in Beijing Normal University, as well as teaching Chinese as a second language. Lian will teach intermediate and advanced Chinese, leading the tutorials for all levels of Chinese study at the College. She’s located in the Hall College Center.

New to Student Life

Daniel Cantor is a resident director with the office of student life. A recent graduate of Colgate University, Daniel is looking forward to working with students at Simon’s Rock and scoping out exactly how higher education works (from the other side). His office is located on the third floor of the Student Union.

Marka Knight is a resident director with the office of student life. Marka found Bard College at Simon's Rock while searching for a small, vibrant residential campus community, and she reports being thrilled to find a place where she can share and draw upon many aspects of her highly eclectic background. Marka has a B.A. in Anthropology and Theater from Sarah Lawrence College, and produced award-winning fieldwork on Trance and Spirit Possession during her study abroad in Indonesia. She made her New York City operatic debut at age eighteen, and has been a leading soloist with more than a dozen companies in New York and California. She was previously a Strategic Growth Associate for a Wall Street hedge fund and the Administrative Director of the Music Department at Holy Names University. She is a contributing writer to the national magazine Classical Singer and various travel journals, and comes to Simon's Rock directly following a year of concertizing in New Zealand. Marka is located in the Student Union on the third floor.

Marty Checchi is the director of resident life working in the office of student life. Marty has lived in the Pioneer Valley for thirteen years, most recently in Holyoke. This May, she finished her M.Ed. at Springfield College. During graduate school Marty worked as a graduate associate counselor in the Counseling Center at Springfield College. Before that, she was an area coordinator in Residence Life at Smith College for four years, and coached rugby at Mount Holyoke College, which is where she graduated from in 2001. Marty learned about the College through alumni neighbors, last year. She was impressed by their intelligence and maturity, but more than that, she liked that they talked about Simon's Rock with the same love and devotion that she and her friends reflect on their alma mater. Marty is most enthused about being on a campus where she could build relationships with students and be a part of a community. Given that her background is as a counselor and educator, she looks forward to connecting with students beyond signing forms and having disciplinary conversations. Marty will bring a personal understanding to the role as well, as she also left high school after her junior year, but says that the transition was not nearly as easy given that she wasn’t on the same kind of supportive, early college campus. Marty loves visitors, and even encourages the traffic with office candy. She’s located on the third floor of the Student Union.

Anne-Marie “Annie” Cushman-Kosar is a resident director with the office of student life. She received her Bachelors degree in English with a concentration in creative writing from Northeastern University in 2000 and a Masters degree in College Student Development and Counseling from Northeastern University in 2007. Annie’s background includes work as a financial aid counselor, a staff member at Tufts University’s LGBT Center, the Assistant Director of the UCLA LGBT Center, and work as a teaching assistant for the College Student Development and Counseling graduate program at Northeastern University. Annie has presented with Dr. George Thompson at both ACPA and NASPA on the topic of multiple identity development in LGBT students and spirituality. Coming from many different communities, Annie is already impressed with how unique and wonderful the Bard College at Simon’s Rock community is. She’s particularly impressed with the College’s strong commitment to creating an inclusive and vibrant living and learning community where student development is fostered and then flourishes. Annie is located on the third floor of the Student Union.

New to ITS and the Daniel Arts Center

Mark "Monk" Schane-Lydon is the College’s new Instructional Technology Specialist, working with the office of ITS. Monk will manage the network of technical equipment in the Daniel Arts Center. Prior to joining Bard College at Simon’s Rock, he was the head audio engineer at the National Guitar Workshop and WorkshopLive. He’s recorded talents such as George Benson, Joe Satriani and the group MercyMe. He’s also worked on films lending expertise in the area of computer graphics and animation; theater; commercials; and has done voice over work for commercials, industry, and Turkish films. Little known fact: Monk’s wife Cathy is an alumna (class of 1984) and, at the time, the youngest student to graduate from Simon’s Rock with a B.A. degree. Monk is located in the Daniel Arts Center.

New Staff at the Kilpatrick Athletic Center

Springing into its tenth year anniversary, several new part time staff are celebrating with the Kilpatrick Athletic Center. They include:

Lifeguard, Lee Boomer
Swim Coach, Lily Forfa
Lifeguard, Jacqueline Howe
Service Desk, Maria Kubis
Lifeguard, Martin Quinn
SwimAmerica Instructor, Steven Near
Lifeguard, Alexandra Pivero
Lifeguard, Margaret Rosenbaum
SwimAmerica Instructor, Daemi Roya
Service Desk and Fitness Instructor, Ann Sagarin
Swim Coach, Matthew Scanlan