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National Public Radio Features Simon’s Rock

npr square logo (jan 09)On Tuesday, January 6, 2009, National Public Radio featured Bard College at Simon’s Rock on its evening news program “All Things Considered.” Education correspondent, Larry Abramson expertly relates the Simon’s Rock experience and weaves his conversations with students, faculty, and college leaders, recorded during his visit to campus in November. Abramson concludes the feature noting that despite the growth in the early college landscape, Simon’s Rock is “an enduring experiment that is tough to replicate.”

Educational Excellence Amidst Economic Instability

wamc logo (jan 09)On December 9, 2008, WAMC correspondent Charlie Deitz interviewed with college leaders throughout Berkshire County about how institutions are coping with challenges in the present economic climate. Provost Mary Marcy and Dean of Academic Affairs Samuel Ruhmkorff discussed measures the college is taking to insure sustained quality, in the educational experience at Simon’s Rock. Listen to the full story.

America's Meat Habit: Discovery News dives in with a little help from Gidon Eschel

discovery logo (jan 09)Bard College at Simon’s Rock faculty member Gidon Eschel and his colleague Pamela Martin of the University of Chicago were recently cited in an article by Michael Reilly entitled “America’s Meat Habit Feeds Gulf Dead Zone”.  The piece focuses on the correlation between American meat consumption and the several million tons of nitrogen that contribute to an oxygen starved dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Read the full story.

Longer Roots, Larger Crop Yields? 

nature cover (jan 09)Research conducted at Bristol University and published in Nature (Cell Biology) uncovers new insight into the intercellular transport of the plant hormone, auxin and its effect on root growth. Since observing auxin could not be done directly, scientists conducting this research used a computer model built by Bard College at Simon’s Rock Physics faculty, Eric Kramer. The research suggests that plants with longer roots have the ability to increase crop yields because they are able to soak up water and minerals more effectively. The complete article can be found at the Nature website.

Endowment Dialogs

inside higher ed logo (jan 09)On December 10, 2008, Inside Higher Education caught up with President Leon Botstein about his views regarding endowment dependency in higher education. Botstein speaks openly about his criticism of wealthy institutions that have implemented salary cuts and hiring freezes because of decreased endowment revenue. He also discusses creative approaches in addressing budget restrictions. He says, “What’s great about the economic crisis is that it’s such a huge opportunity to rethink what you are doing.” Read the complete article.

Loaner Uke

Alumni Benjamin Kalish ’98 and his colleagues at the Forbes Library in Northampton, MA have been participating in a unique experiment: Since September 2008 the library has been loaning out a donated Ukulele! So far, the experiment is a huge success with more then 24 perspective borrowers on a waiting list. The full scoop can be found in the Library Journal. Want more ukulele? Check out alumni Bill Robertson’s ‘74 independent film-phenomenon Rock That Uke.

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