Princeton Review Names Simon's Rock One of The Best 377 Colleges

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Best377cover.jpg“Bard College at Simon’s Rock is one of the country's best institutions for undergraduate education,” The Princeton Review announcement began. The education services company is getting the word out about the new edition of its annual college guide, The Best 377 Colleges.

Only about 15% of America’s 2,500 four-year colleges and three colleges outside the U.S.A. make the list. According to the Robert Franek, the Princeton Review's Senior VP/Publisher and author of The Best 377 Colleges, the primary criterion for inclusion in the book is outstanding academics.

“We’re pleased to be recognized by the Princeton Review, and more importantly, by our students with high marks for their professors and the classroom experience,” commented Provost Peter Laipson.

Making the Grade

In selecting the 377 schools, The Princeton Review gathers institutional data about schools, visits the schools over the years, collects feedback from current students, and considers the opinions of staff and a 30-member National College Counselor Advisory Board. But appearance on the Top 20 list is driven solely by students.

Colleges are not ranked academically or from 1 to 377 in any category. Instead, the book reports on 62 ranking lists of "top 20" colleges in various categories. The lists are entirely based on The Princeton Review's survey of students attending the colleges in the book and not on The Princeton Review's opinion of the schools.

Simon’s Rock made it onto nine lists in The Best 377 Colleges, including: “Best Classroom Experience” and “Professors Get High Marks”. Students also put us on the lists for “Students Study the Most”, “There’s a Game?”, and “Birkenstock Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians.”

What Students Said

377seal.jpgStudents surveyed for The Princeton Review lists agreed: “Class discussion is encouraged”, “Political activism is popular”, “Athletic facilities are great,” and “No one cheats."

They described Simon’s Rock as a “haven for young, bright minds” and commended professors for making “the difficulty and volume of course work worth it” and said “They [professors] are what is amazing about this school.”

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