2011 Book One Lecture: Mark Hertsgaard to Speak on Climate Change

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Acclaimed reporter presents on latest book, Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth

Hertsgaard, a journalist and author, has investigated climate change for the past 20 years. His writing has appeared in The New Yorker, Time, Vanity Fair, and The Nation.

Called “one of America’s finest reporters” by Barbara Ehrenreich (author of Nickel and Dimed), Hertsgaard is an Open Society Fellow with six books, including The Eagle's Shadow: Why America Fascinates and Infuriates the World (2002), Earth Odyssey: Around the World In Search of Our Environmental Future (1999), A Day In The Life: The Music and Artistry of the Beatles (1995), On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency (1988), and Nuclear Inc.: The Men and Money Behind Nuclear Energy (1983). Hertsgaard’s titles have been translated into sixteen languages.

Hot offers creative solutions for dealing with increasing climate change. Hertsgaard describes wise precautions for navigating an era that will be defined by how society adapts to the challenge.  The book focuses on the two billion young people, his daughter among them, whom he calls “Generation Hot.” Hertsgaard combines personal reflection with reporting about how individuals, communities, companies, and countries around the world are responding to climate change.

Established in 2005, the Book One program engages the incoming class with the first book in the General Education curriculum. Students read the book before they arrive on campus and the text is used for discussion and writing in the Writing and Thinking Workshop and throughout the year. The Book One lecture gives students an opportunity to hear directly from author, ask probing questions, and develop a new appreciation of the book.

Previous selections include Emmanuel Dongala’s Little Boys Come from the Stars, Saidiya Hartman’s Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route, and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.