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Signature Programs

We encourage students to find their education not simply in a classroom but in the world. We offer advanced students (during their junior year, mostly) an extraordinary amount of freedom to challenge themselves, to go beyond our standard offerings, to design an education (an experience—a life) that matches their highest ambitions. The opportunities are varied and Simon’s Rock students work closely with faculty to find the program that provide the best fit with their interests as well as educational and career goals. Listed below are our current Signature Programs, which are agreements we have with institutions and programs—inside the US, abroad, as well as in-house—to provide exceptional educational opportunities for qualified Simon’s Rock students.

International Signature Programs

Simon’s Rock Scholars at Oxford, University of Manchester—Centre for New Writing, Qingdao University, China, and... | more | 

Domestic Signature Programs

The Simon’s Rock/Columbia University Engineering Program, Bard Globalization and International Affairs (BGIA)... | more | 

In-House Signature Programs

Visiting Artists Program, Proseminar in The Social Scientific Inquiry | more |