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We offer an education with immediate practical value and lasting implications for our students’ minds and hearts and hands: their intellect, their imagination, the work they’ll do in the world.

Social Studies Division head Chris Coggins and students research sacred fengshui forests in southern China

We’re a college of the liberal arts and sciences. What does that mean? At Simon’s Rock, it means our students become conversant in the languages of science and math, the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. It means they’re able to translate from one language to another, to find commonalities, connections. We also expect our students to write (and write, and write) in every class, tangible proof of their ability to think clearly and coherently and to develop a complex, persuasive argument. Finally—and crucially—we ask our students to take responsibility for the shape and scope of their education, working with advisors and professors to choose (or design) courses, independent projects, and off-campus opportunities.

Our education, in other words, isn’t just a series of isolated classes; it’s part of the fabric of our students’ daily lives. Wrestling with unfamiliar and complicated ideas, dreaming about improbable solutions, finding a new language to describe the human condition—this is the kind of thing we do at a seminar table, in the dining hall, in the meadow, and in a friend’s room in the darkest hours of the morning.