The Kilpatrick Athletic Center is located on the lower part of the Bard College at Simon’s Rock campus, a mile from downtown Great Barrington.
Mon. – Fri. 6am – 8:30pm (May 26–August 21)

Weekends 8 a.m.–6 p.m.

Want to Run a 5K, 10K or Just Get Fit?

SummerFast Feet Running Group

If you want to start running or you’re looking to improve your workout, we are here to help. Joining Fast Feet is a great way to make running more fun, get motivated, and achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness Director Rebecca Hunter started Fast Feet when she saw a need in the community. People who wanted to start running were putting it off because they felt there wasn’t a way to stick with a program and stay motivated.

“I’m passionate about working with new runners to build comfort and confidence. I know how hard it is to start,” Rebecca says. “It is so much easier to keep at it if you have a coach early on and a group that can keep you motivated.”

The best way to get motivated

Fast Feet meets twice a week. Running with a group can make all the difference. For many people it takes a while to enjoy running, but the group makes it fun by offering expert knowledge, support, and encouragement. If you’re a more experienced runner, the group is a great way to be a part of the community, share tips, and continue to challenge yourself.

When you can’t motivate yourself, you have a group of people that care about making sure you don’t throw in the towel.

The tools you need

Many people get turned off of running because they try to do too much too fast. The Fast Feet runners use run-walk intervals to build endurance safely and without exhausting you. Rebecca is a personal trainer and marathon runner, and so she has the expertise to teach you what you need to know. Each week, the group focuses on a topic that can help improve your experience:

  • Building endurance and stamina
  • Staying safe and preventing injuries
  • Getting motivated
  • Breathing techniques
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Setting goals and building a training program

The benefits of running are well-known: it’s a phenomenal way to burn calories, increase lung capacity, relieve stress, and keep your body’s systems flowing and healthy. Think of Fast Feet as a lifeline connecting you to all those benefits.

Get out and Go

Fast Feet started in March, and on July 4 the first group of Fast Feet runners will complete a 5K race. “We set reasonable goals and work towards them as a group,” Rebecca explains. The group will continue after the race on a more ongoing, open basis for anyone to join in—new runners and those with more experience are all welcome. “I plan to offer a class for beginners once a week along with two other weekly runs. Beginners can stay with the weekly beginner’s class until they feel comfortable joining in with the group runs.”

In February, Rebecca placed first in her age group and was the eighth woman overall to cross the finish line at the Hyannis Marathon. However, it has only been four years since she ran her first 5K. She knows how hard it is to start running, but she’s also proof of how much you can achieve with the right knowledge and support.

Get started today. Become a part of the group by calling Rebecca at 413 528-7774, or send her an email.