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Network Fiber Boxes

Poorly Done Optical Fiber Box in Library (feeds Library, Classroom Buildings, Crosby, Lecture Center, & ITS) with fragile optical fiber strands helter skelter and exposed to dust, jostling, and other dangers; cabinet doors cannot be closed.

library fiber box photo 1 library fiber box photo 2
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library fiber box photo 3 library fiber box photo 4

Inside of middle compartment of optical fiber cabinet at Pibly (Pibly to Hill House) - done correctly with fiber neatly coiled - cabinet doors close to protect fiber.
pibly fiber cabinet photo 1

Close up of the inside of the optical fiber box Pibly to Hill House.

pibly fiber cabinet photo 2

Optical fiber box closed - middle compartment is Pibly to Hill - Bottom is Pibly to Mansfield.

pibly fiber cabinet photo 3