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Warning: Security Problem Detected

Missing Security Patches

Your computer has a serious problem that needs to be fixed before it can connect to the network. Users are recommended to try these steps carefully before calling the ITS help desk.

Please note that we recommend making backups of your important data prior to installing any software on your computer. While the updates you will be downloading are released by Microsoft and extensively tested, ITS assumes no liability for lost or damaged information. If you are concerned about applying patches, please contact the ITS help desk at x7371.

The problem we have detected is that your system is missing critical security patches. Without these patches your computer is vulnerable to worm attacks such as Blaster, Welchia, and Sasser. You are required to patch your computer before you will be able to register.

Microsoft has an excellent security web site with instructions explaining how you can keep your computer safe. Please visit Microsoft Security Home Page. There is a lot of useful information on this site but please pay special attention to enabling Automatic Updates and Microsoft Update. You need to visit Microsoft Update to install patches for your Microsoft software and Automatic Updates will keep your computer updated automatically in the future. ITS recommends using Microsoft Update instead of Windows Update, read on to learn more.

When you have completed configuring Automatic Updates and installing all critical updates (check Microsoft Update until no critical updates are available), please try to re-register.

Since your computer was missing critical security patches and connected to the network, you should check your system with anti-virus to make sure your system is not infected with anything malicious.