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Connecting to the Simon's Rock Network

Network Registration (NETREG)

All devices that connect to the Simon's Rock campus network must be registered to a current Simon's Rock user ID. To register a device, the owner of the device must:

  • Agree to abide by the Simon's Rock Network Acceptable Use Policy
  • Keep the device current with all Operating System (OS) and application software patches and updates
  • Maintain current anti-virus software on Windows computers. Simon's Rock provides Sophos anti-virus software for all students, faculty, and staff, as well as for all college owned computers.

For computers and other devices with web browsing capability, you will be presented with a registration screen when a browser is opened after the device is first connected to the college network. Use your Simon's Rock user ID and password to register your devices. Note that NETREG is based on the unique address of the device's network port, so a separate registration is required for each network connection, e.g. the wired and wireless connections on a laptop will each need to be registered.

For devices that do not have web browsing capability (e.g. some game consoles) contact ITS with the devoce's network MAC address to have ITS register the device.

Acceptable Use Policy

You must agree to the Network Acceptable Use Policy when you register a device on the campus network. If you do not wish abide by this policy, you may not connect to the Simon's Rock network.

Softare Updates

Bugs in system and application software make computer systems vunerable to malware and exploitation from the internet. Simon's Rock network users are required to keep their systems up-to-date with security patches and upgrades for all installed software. Most Operating Systems have options to automatically download and install system patches. The updates should be enabled by all users. In addition, software such as web browsers and Adobe web and PDF viewing tools must be updated and patched. This page has details on common Windows software updates: Recommended Software Versions

Microsoft Security Essentials

If you do not already have an antivirus program with real-time protection installed on your computer, Simon's Rock recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. More information and download instructions can be found here.

You must have an up-to-date anti-virus program installed on your computer before you NETREG it to connect fully to the campus network. (From the on-campus netowrk, you can download the Sophos installer before you NETREG your computer.)