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Known Compatibility Issues

Webfocus Reports and Firefox 3.6.x. The newer releases of Firefox do not allow the online webfocus reports to run properly. (These are the reports from the "link" link on the Banner start page. Simon's Rock Staff who need to use these reports should not upgrade beyond the latest 3.6.x releases of Firefox. (The firefox updater will prompt you to upgrade to new versions. Accept any 3.6.x updates, but decline the updates to versions 4 and newer)

Office 2007/2008 and 2010/2011These versions of Office use a new file format, marked by an 'x' appended to document file type, i.e. ".doc" is now ".docx" . Older tools such as Office2003/4 and OpenOffice can not open the new versions. To share a file with other users, use the Save options in newer Office versions to save in the older Office 2003 format, i.e. .doc, .xls, etc.

CD Burning With Vista A CD burned on Vista using whatever default settings it has, does not allow the CDs to be readable by Macs (XP does read them fine).