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Remote Desktop Use

The Windows XP machines in the library now have Remote Desktop enabled.

To connect to one of the machines, go into Programs --> Accesories --> Remote Desktop Connection.

Connect to the IP address of the machine you want to administer. See Library Computer Addresses for the list of what IP goes with what machine. The user name is ITS, the password is the same as it would be to log into the machine on site.

You will need to tell it to reboot in thawed mode before changes will stick. Once you have told it to reboot in thawed mode, reboot the machine with Start-->run-->"shutdown -r". By default this gives 30 seconds before reboot; you can add the "-t" flag to reduce the time to reboot (10 seconds should be plenty if nobody is on he machine).

  • Note: If there are users on the machine they may have the option to not allow you in. If you get an error that user "Lab" hasn't allowed you to connect, the user clicked "no". If there is no user there but the lab user is logged in, it will let you log in after 30-45 seconds.
  • Note 2: You might want to check to make sure the lab user is not currently running any programs (via Task Manager) before rebooting the machine. The message they get tells them that they will be able to resume their work later if they let you in. If they are running programs, I'd recommend logging out and moving on to another machine and coming back to it; we don't want to unnecessarily cause problems for library users.

Once the computer has rebooted, you can log in and make changes (wait 1 min before attempting to reconnect to give the system time to reboot).

Reboot the machine again and it'll be frozen on startup.

  • Note 3: When you are completely finished with the computer, make sure to log out via the start menu. If you just disconnect it leaves ITS logged in.