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Fisher Lab Computers

(See also Library Computer Setup)

The Fisher computer lab computers have installed on them:

Mac OS X Machines:

The Lab account is configured as a Managed User. In Parental Controls, Finder & System is checked, under which we're using "Some Limits". Lab can burn CDs and DVDs, and use all applications EXCEPT:

  • Address Book
  • iCal
  • Internet Connect
  • Mail
  • Remove Office
  • Windows Media Installer

The Lab account CAN use Terminal (from Utilities; but no other Utilities).

The Lab user's dock is, in order: Finder, Safari, Firefox, Word, Excel, Terminal, Fetch, Kaleidagraph, Bluej, Maple.

For some reason the Managed User does not have the rights to run Dashboard. So it has been removed from the dock.

There is an ITS user, and fast user switching is enabled as an icon.