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Contact ITS is your best bet for a quick response to a pressing issue. Email sent to this address goes to all ITS staff members.

For questions about the phone system, contact

For A/V requests, please send an email to

Janice Gildawie
Director of Information Technology
(413) 528-7698

Stephen Bohrer
Network Administrator
(413) 528-7645

Charles Derr
Director of Instructional Technology
(413) 528-7344

Debbie Dillon
Database Applications Specialist
(413) 644-4293

Brian Gold
System Administrator
(413) 528-7428

Russell Miller
Web Producer
(413) 644-4722

Larry Potts
User Services Specialist
(413) 528-7471

Mark "Monk" Schane-Lydon
Instructional Technology Specialist
(413) 528-7277