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Report of Donors - July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013


OMember of the Board of Overseers or an Overseer-Affiliated Foundation
AMember of the Alumni Leadership Council
PMember of the Parent Leadership Council
The Sapling Society identifies those loyal donors who have given consecutively in the previous five or more years.


$100,000 and above
OThe Barrington Foundation Inc.

OJames M. Clark '76
OEmily H. Fisher P '83
The John S. and Cynthia L. Reed Foundation

OThe Sealark Foundation

Scott Shenker and Mary Ruth Quinn P '09 & '11
In honor of Sam Ruhmkorff and Asma Abbas



OMargaret Kendrick Blodgett Foundation
OStuart Breslow and Anne Miller-Breslow P '07
In honor of Philip S. Breslow '07
David Brown
OJohn K. Hall
OMurray and Patti Liebowitz

OAlvin '92 and Chelsey Loshak

Riversville Foundation
OThe Spingold Foundation Inc.
The Stewart Foundation
In honor of Emily H. Fisher's birthday



Zachary '85 and Allison Julius



Catherine Fisher '83
APaul W. Goldschmidt '84
Nita Ing '71

Bernie F. Rodgers, Jr.
In memory of Jane Rodgers

OSally E. Unger '73
In honor of Rodney Christopher '86
Miriam Weizenbaum '76


James Adler P '12

Russell Anderson and Daniel Karslake
ACatya Belfer '88
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
Joel Bernanke '00 and Elise Kent Bernanke '00
Scott S. Blake '88 and Liz Rettenmaier
Thomas Borkowski P '01, 04 & '07
Debra Brendal P '11
In honor of Jake Lederman '11
Cherrylynn and Ethan Burris
In memory of Noah White Burris '97
Megan Case '92
Veronica Chambers '87 and Jason Clampet
Debbie Cibelli '71
In memory of M. Peter Burke '71
Lucy P. Clark '66
Mark Clifford '74
Michal Zivan Coffey '95 and Tim Coffey '95
David Corcoran and Karrie Olick P '05
OJoan Countryman
Raymon Darling P '96
In honor of Aaron E. Darling, PhD '96
Diana Dinh '03
David A. Epstein '95
In honor of Peter Cocks and Jim Monsonis
Deirdre M. Farley '69
Valerie K. Ferrier '94
Bean '90 and Dan Gilsdorf
In honor of Hal Holladay
Laura and William Glasgall P '01
Kenan Godfrey '92
David Goldstein '86
Andrea Hanna '92
Nancy S. Hardin P '97
In memory of Noah White Burris '97
Kyle Haver '73 and Susan Goetz Haver
Eliza R. Hewat '66
Deborah Hutchison
John '70 and Ann Jacobs
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

AKaki Notestine Kasdorf '93 and Jason F. Kasdorf
Nancy K. Kim P '93
Michael Belanger and Ellen Kisslinger P '06
In honor of Rachel Belanger '06
Ellen Kreger Matheson '70 and David Matheson
Anne M. Laughlin '98
Mark Lazer and Mary Spalding P '09 & '11
In honor of Fiona '09 and Lucien '11 Lazar
Joseph Little '91 and Michiko Yamori
In honor of Tyler and Harrison Yamori-Little
Chen Liu and Jingchun Wang P '01
Eleanor Lord
David and Susan Miller P '86
Margaret Moench '70 and Ira Mellman
Christine Terrell Murphy '00
Francisca Oyogoa
Eli Pariser '96
Colleen and James Patell P '03
In honor of Teagan Patell '03
Jim Poe '94 and Susanne Grabowski '94
In memory of August Clement Poe
Carol Preisig P '11
In memory of David Preisig and in honor of Charles Preisig
Soyok Quan '92
John and Lynn Rathgeber P '09
Eric Allix Rogers '01
In honor of David Lovely '96 and Jim Lai
Sherri Samuels P'12
Jim and Diane Schwab P '09
In honor of the Language Department at Simon's Rock
Brooke Skinner '97
Stephen Smith '70
In memory of Elizabeth Hall
Robert and Andrea Solomon P '08
Richard and Anne Steiner P '12
Karl Stine '75
Allyson A. Till '84
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Baird and Joan Whitlock P '72
Wes and Louise Young P '98


Lori and Dean Adams P '12

OLoren AliKhan '99
Jane Armstrong P '96
In honor of Hendrik Doorn '96
Samir Arora '02
Adam P. Bartos '70
Maryana Bhak '80 and Jong Bhak
In honor of Margaret Lazer '82
Jill B. Blanchard '90
In memory of Galen Gibson '90
Lee and Jacki Breisacher P '08
Mellena Bridges and Gregory Curry P '08
In honor of Hannah Bridges-Curry '08
AKeith '80 and Penny '81 Brierley-Bowers P '08 & '12
Sandra Brinkert and Lynn Brown P '08
David Byrd '78 and Ella Brice
David Castro '73
In memory of Dr. Raymond E. Castro
Chartwells Educational Dining Services
Abe '00 and Amelie Chu
Christopher '92 and Rhonda '94 Colombo
Meriweather Clark-Connors '76 and Cathy Ingram
In memory of Faye Polner '76 and in honor of Emily H. Fisher
Charles and Sara Coe P '97
In honor of Elizabeth Coe '97
Lisa David and Ernest Berger P '08
M. Leslie Davidson
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Eric L. and Patricia B. Decker P '93
Deloitte Foundation
Chloe Demrovsky '01
In memory of Tadd Gero '03
Stephanie Denzel '99
Kenneth Deregt
Harvey and Scarlet Edber P '06
ExxonMobil Foundation
Jennifer Fan '99
Sigmund Friedman and Nancy Grossman P '02
In honor of Kathryn G. Friedman '02
Dr. Harold Gotthelf P '84
PRobert and Joy Gess P '10
Christopher M. Gittins '83
In memory of Leslie R. Sander '83
Johnathan and Marjorie Glass P '08
Gabby Glemann '99 and Paul Reinitz
Jesse Glick '89 and Ali Mahood '90
In honor of Leutitia Swayze Mahood
Geoffrey M. Glick '81 and Marina Daiman
In honor of John Paskus
PMichelle Goodwin and Gregory Schaffer P '12
Anita Gould '80 and Richard Snyder
Kaye and Bob Graves
Gregory Greifeld '05
Samantha Grillo '86
Ethan and Beth Haskel P '03
The Horbach Fund

Louise Rogow Howard '85

Rebecca Hughson Leise '71
Joan and Jim Hunter P '04
Maryan and Sunny Kang P '09, '10 & '12
In honor of Taylor '09, Mia '10 and Elliot '12 Kang, our children
Alec Krikava and Marne Keller-Krikava P '12
Alison Larkin
In honor of the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers
Youngro Lee '00
Maggie Leonard '78 and John Humphries
In honor of all fellow alumni. What an amazing group of people.
Mark and Katie Levine
Joshua Levy and Pam Magnuson P '10
Ian and Mary MacKinnon P '03
In honor of Kelley MacKinnon '03
Susan A. Manning '72
Todd A. Maugans '77
Adrienne Maynard '89
Coleman '98 and Tamara Mehta
Richard and Lynn Melnick P '08
In honor of Annabelle Coote '86 and Miriam Melnick '08
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Brian Mikesell and John Weinstein
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Miller-Pomerantz Insurance and Financial Services
In honor of Stuart Breslow and Anne Miller-Breslow
Maneesh Modi '94
Rich Montone and Erika Nelson
David R. Myers and Susan Cooper
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Horace '71 and Betsy Nash P '08
Thomas and Fee O'Brien P '02
Osher Institute for Lifetime Learning
Robert Phillips '70 and David Lepore
Quality Printing Company, Inc.
Elizabeth H. Rader '81
Elizabeth Richardson
Edward Roske '90
Susan Roth and Leslie Birenbaum
In memory of Philip Roth, grandfather of Michael Birenbaum '91
Bruce '81 and Danna Schoenberg
George Sells P '10
Alexandra Shandell '00
Elise Shapiro
Adam Shostack '88 and Teresa Barcus
Otto and Dorothy Solbrig P '84
Judge Morris and Ronnie Stern P '87
In memory of Ben Stern '87
Jeannette and Arthur Taylor
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
James Teeple '74
Liz Wall '82 and Deb Smucker
In memory of Edward and Frances Wall
Arthur Watson '98
Jacqueline A. Wilson P '89



Henry Alford '80

Barbara Andrews and John Leonard P '11
In honor of Joseph A. Leonard '11
Arch Insurance Company
Thomas and Barbara Armstrong P '99
Ruth Ballenzweig '99
Benny and Barbara Barak P '04
In honor of Nancy Yanoshak
Stephanie Barefield '06
Julia M. Bauder '97
AJochai Ben-Avie '06
Carlos and Jesusa Benedicto P '01
In honor of Camilla Benedicto Pimentel '01
Gail Berneike and Don Bernier
In memory of Jane Rodgers
Steve Bohrer
Nancy Bonvillain
Sue and Joseph Browdy
Susan and Jack Cobetto P '09
Barbara and Rodgin Cohen P '98
In honor of Sara Cohen '98
Valerie Collura '84
Kathrina De Witt Yost '66
Susan Di Biase P '92
Pauline '06 and Emmanuel Dongala P '98 & '01
Ronald and Janice Flaugher P '78
Larry Gage and Karen Forbes P '09
Ann Burchfield '04 and Laszlo Frazer '05
Suzy Garfinkle P '08
In honor of Joelle Chevrier '08
Kristin Giantris
Heather Godwin Jones '81
Judith Gubner Terry '66 and Patrick Terry
In memory of Dr. Richard Gubner
Khin Khin Gyi '99
In Honor of Emily H. Fisher
Louise and Arthur Hillman
In honor of Emily H. Fisher and Rodney Christopher '86
ODana and Kathryn Hiscock
Christine Hobbie and Neil Brander
Jennifer Howland '67
Michael Jefferson and Pamela Augustine-Jefferson P '12
In honor of diversity
The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation
Terry Kaelber '71 and David Buckel
Sarah Gould Kagan '75 and Stewart Kagan
AAudrey Kalman '77
In memory of Eileen Handelman
Onkar Kapoor '00
Kim Kastens and Dale Chayes P '08
Suzanne Klimek '79
In honor of Patti and Murray Liebowitz
Dmitry Kondrashov '92
Jan Krause Greene
Michael Lawrence '98
Drew Levin '06
Sara Lolar '89
David Lovely '96 and James Lai
Edward and Judith Lund P '84
Michael and Louise Malakoff P '96
Adam Man '86
Patricia Marcella
AHarry Marker '05
Charles McKenrick '02
OJohn H.V. McWhorter '81
Merck Partnership For Giving
Leila and Bruce Miller
Max Miller '90 and Sophia Klatzker
James A. Monsonis and Lenore Gensburg '78
In memory of Leslie R. Sander '83
Charles Montgomery '89
In memory of Ñacuñán Sáez
Elizabeth M. Morss '78
Marshal Newrock '91
Anne O'Dwyer
Paige and John Orloff
Alison Overseth
In honor of Rodney Christopher '86
Sarah J. Parady '99
In honor of Barbara Resnik and Wendy Shifrin
Stephen and Deborah Paruolo P '09
Julie and Christopher Petr P '12
In memory of Gertrude Petr
Carrie Richards '93
Robert Richards '80
In honor of John Marsella '80
Kevin Ritchie '85
In memory of Leslie R. Sander '83
Tim and Liz Rodgers
In memory of Jane Rodgers
Charles & Rebecca Rosenzweig Charitable Foundation
Samuel Ruhmkorff
John Russell
Neal Sacon '79 and Maureen McClenon Sacon '80
Hannah Schmidt '99
Maria Sedova '02
Susan Shapiro
In honor of Rodney Christopher '86
David and Patricia Sharpe
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Patricia M. & H. William Smith, Jr. Foundation
Sara Smollett '96 and Karl Krueger '94
Elise S. Sobol '68
In honor of the 45th anniversary of the entering class of 1968
Elizabeth St. John Villard P '01
Leesa Stanion '75 P '13
Gael Storck '66
Jonathan Swartz '98
Maryann Tebben
In honor of Gabriel Asfar, Faculty in French and Arabic
Janet and Malcolm Thompson
Jacob Trevick '98
Susanne L. Tunstall '84
Abbie von Schlegell
Sandra Walker
In honor of the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers
Peggy Whitfield
Elaine Yee '94
In memory of Christine Yee
Asma Abbas and Stephen Hager '04
Tom '95 and Alana '96 Abott
Roberta Klein Ackerman P '82 & '83
In honor of Jennifer Ackerman Kettell '82 and in memory of Leon A. Ackerman
Sameer '00 and Sally Agrawal
Tiffany Albright '06
Jessica Allen '97
Scott Allen '96
Karen and Allen Altman
In honor of Mike Bergman
A. Barth Anderson '84
In honor of Robert Schmidt
Ben Andersen '99
Kurt Anderson '71
In memory of Ñacuñán Sáez
In memory of Noah White Burris '97
Armand Aquino '86
In memory of Ñacuñán Sáez
Gabriel Asfar
Paul and Elyn Sue Ayers P '92
In honor of Ben Ayers '92
Jeffrey and Mary Ellen Baker P '09
Loren Becker '95
Robert and Hazel Becker P '95
In honor of Loren Becker '95
Rachel Belanger '06
In memory of Carl Kisslinger and Bob and Blanche Belanger
Kyle Bella '06
Marisa Benitez '11
Sandra Benitez P '11
Mike Bergman
OAnna and Ben Bernanke P '00
Carol J. Bettencourt '77
Alexander Bick '94 and Nealin Parker
Ann Billingsley
Marvin R. Birnbaum '79
In honor of Perri Brierley-Bowers '08
Brad Bissell '88
Black & Decker Corporation
Captain Ronald L. Blake P '88
John P. Blessington
In honor of Betty Hall
Benjamin Bogin '91
Michael Sukin and Kim Bonnell P '11
Anthony and Ellen Borges P '80 & '87
Kathryn Boswell
Wayne Boswell
Michelle Bouche
Paul Bowen and Judith Strong P '02
Rachel Bowen '94 and Delano Lopez '87
Richard Boyd and Karen Twyman P '07
In honor of Emma Boyd '12
David Braslow '02
Elliot Bratton '76
Ann E. Braun '85
Erin Briggerman
Morgan Brilliant Smith '79
In memory of Leslie R. Sander '83
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Margaret and Michael Bromberg P '88 & '92
In honor of Simon '92 and Minna '88 Bromberg
Minna Bromberg '88
In honor of the entering class of 1988
Robert R. and Sherry K. Brooks P '88
Tahira Brooks '94
AJennifer Browdy '78 P '08
In honor of Nico Hernandez '08
Christopher and Jennifer Browning P '90
Deb Bunlap
Mr. & Mrs. L.J. Burke
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Margaret E. Burnett '70
Chris and Dorothee Callanan
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Timothy Cama '04
Mary Baine Campbell '71
In memory of Shelia King '71
Alida Cantor '01
In honor or Alida Cantor '01
Glenn Cantor and Inge Eriks P '01
Mary Carswell
David and Anna Carvalho P '05
In honor of Christina Anna Carvalho '05
Kathleen Chace Larzelere '67
Jon and Nancy Chalfant-Walker P '00
Kyle Chao '06
Mary Chase-Ziolek '68 and Keith Chase-Ziolek
Linda Chayes P '12
In honor of Victoria Minerva Chayes '12
Bessie Cherry '96
Daniel Chilcoat P '89
Ashley Christensen '00
Rodney Christopher '86
William '88 and Annie Chui
Judi and Scott Clippinger P '04
Lucy Clippinger '04
Peter and Joan Cocks
Chris Coggins and Tanya Kalischer
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Alison Colby '76
In memory of John Rosenberg '76 and Mark Burkholder '76
Cathy Ann Coley '85 and Andrew Tinari
In memory of Leslie R. Sander '83
Edna and Jim Collins P '99
David Collins '99
Computer Associates International
Ana-Maria Conley '75
Sharon Conners
Margaret and Bradley Cooney P '99
Kimberley Coppage Rivero '83
Katherine Corn '11
Kim Corn P '11
In memory of Dean Corn
Joseph Corso, II
Frank and Betty Couvares P '90
In honor of Mary King Austin
Natalie Cowan '09
In honor of Nancy Bonvillain and Robert Schmidt
Coleen Cox and Tim Fogarty
In honor of the students
Paul A. Cox '86
In honor of Jeffrey Cua '00
Elizabeth Cronenwett '93
Caro Crowley '91 and Eric McClenahan
In memory of Agnes Williams
Jeffrey Cua '00
Jimmy and Elizabeth Cua P '00
Irene Cullen Gravina '69
Dana Cummings
Ellen and Christopher Curtis
Annie Cushman-Kosar
Linda M. Darling P '96
Joan DelPlato
Kayla Dickens '12
Evan Didier '05
Keon Diggs
Debbie and Bob Dillon
John C. Dovel
In memory of Noah White Burris '97
George & Barbara Dover P '93
Louis Dow P '13
In honor of Rachel Dow '13
Denise Dufault
Bill Dunbar
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Thomas Dunlap and Susan Miller P '95
Jeremy Dunn '81
Robert '00 and Mary Lou Dunton
In honor of the SRC Younger Scholars Champions Basketball Team
Curran Dwyer '06
John E. Eckart and Karen A. Giannelli P '09
In honor of Andrew Eckart '11
Janet Egelhofer
In honor of Abbie von Schlegell
Jan Eisenman '68
In memory of Vanda Sendzimir '68
Judah Garber and Rebecca Eisenberg P '07
Erik Elbieh '10
Kari Elsila '90
David Ernst '10
Clara Eusebi '98
Mary Eyring and Richard Newton P '13
Joshua '92 and Shevah Faber
Andrey Falko '05
Valerie Fanarjian
Randall Farmer '00
Todd Farrell '00
In honor of Thomas and Gail Farrell
Rachel Feltman '08
In memory of Jay Embree
Leland and Aline Ferguson P '06
In honor of Sam Ferguson '06
Shani R. Ferguson '85 and Lionel Artom-Ginzburg '88
Kayne Ferrier P '94
John and Zirka Filipczak P '96
Peter Filkins
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Christopher M. Fink P '07
In honor of Charles Fink '07
Fischer Orthodontics
In honor of Ethan Ackelsberg '12
Rebecca Fiske and Deane Zarvis P '98 & '07
Katherine Fleming '94
Stephan Fowlkes '88
Kathryn Friedman '02
Mary Martin Gant P '99
In honor of Jason Martin Snell's 13th Birthday
AHillary Gardner '02
Ashleigh Garvey '01
Leila H. Gary '93
Wendy Clarissa Geiger '80
In memory of Caleb Roosevelt '79
Lisa Gelfand P '01
Elaine Gerst
Jacob Gerstein '01
Nat Gertler '79
Matthew Getch '11
Janice Gildawie
Beri Gilfix P '88
Dragan Gill '02
Leonard and Nansi Glick P '89
In honor of Leutitia Swayze Mahood
Susan Golden '78
Julia Goode and Robert Sadowsky P '12
Wendy Goodman '67
In honor of Miss Young
Johanna Gosse '01
In honor of Professor Barbara Resnik
Reisa Gould-Donath P '90
Christopher Lee Grace '05
In honor of current and future Rockers
Andrea Grayson '80
In honor of the Art Department
Zachary Green '99
In memory of Will Friedman '99
Susan Grieder P '07
Zoe Grieder '07
Barry and Joanna Groebel P '05
Martha Groet
Sarah Grossman Lewis '73
Chris and Diane Gruber P '93
Melanie Guerin
Cara E. Haas '92
Elizabeth M. Hall P '00
Dr. Thomas Hall and Elizabeth McLoughlin
Dr. Jennifer Halpern P '12
In honor of Zev Vel '12

Miranda Hambro '87

Maudie Hampden Shah '99 and Sumul Shah '99
In honor of Barbara & Ed Hampden and Mahendra & Shobhana Shah
Lily L. Han '99
Allyn Harcus '88
Harvard Community Gifts
Kathy and Joe Hatfield P '89
Gary and Linda Hauze P '00
In honor of Andrew Hauze '00
Eden-Renee Hayes
Anthony Mark Hecht P '10
In memory of Sidney Robert Hecht and Zanetta Hecht
Leslye Heilig and Lou Davis
James Lucas Hepokoski '01
Terri Herubin P '12
In memory of John Pandolfi
Kevin and Ana Marie Higgins Ttee
Thomas Hitchins and Shelly Shapiro P '07
Hal L. Holladay
Elizabeth Hoogs '97
Elizabeth Horan '73 and Paul Skilton
Phillip Howell
In honor of David Lovely '96 and James Lai
C. Linda Howitt P '96
In honor of Emry de St. Andre
Aaron Hurwitz '99 and Laura Selkirk '98
Jamie Hutchinson
In memory of Natalie Harper
Mary Jo Hutchison P '88 and Emmette R. Hutchison '98
Adam Huttler
Francis and Harriet Iglehart P '69
Valerie Ingram P '04
Julia A. Insinger '77
Shahzad Ismaily '88
In honor of Wazir Ismaily
David K. Jacke '76
Tisha Jepson Fang '82
Sarah Jimenez '06
Rosanne Johnson P '11
In honor of Coriana Johnson '11
Ms. Rebecca Jones '01
Paula Junn '02
Karen Juster Hecht P '10
In honor of Izaak Mark Hecht '10
Benjamin Kalish '98
Bryna Kamel Blaine P '90
In honor of Darian S. Blaine '90
William Taylor Kang '09
Micki Kaufman '85
Aileen Kawabe '93
In memory of Galen Gibson '90 and Ñacuñán Sáez
Lori Kenepp '81
Laura Kessel '05
Jennifer Ackerman Kettell '82
Judith Kiely
Erica Kiesewetter P '07 & '12
Marie (Mimi) Kittredge '75 and Clark Broida
Richard Kittredge and Tanya Korelsky P '00
Peter Knapp '80 and Rob Gates
Michael P. Koch '74
Sharon and Stephen Koons P '08
Eric Kramer
Peter Kramer
In honor of Rodney Christopher '86
Cathie and Gary Krellenstein P '08
In honor of James Krellenstein '08
Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
Daniel Landau '89
Joy Lapseritis '90
Alexis and Philip Lavine P '98
In honor of Amy Lavine '98
Michael Leahy and M. B. Maughan P '04
April Lee '01
James and Kelly Lee P '12
Cindy Lehmbeck Wood '78
Joan LeLacheur '73
Elizabeth Lester P '85
Barbara Letton '97
Andrew Levine '97
David P. Levine '98
Carol Lewis and Patricia De Angelis P '07
Sianna Lieb Hannah '85
In honor of Jim Monsonis
Leslie Lieberman P '99
In honor of Stephen Todd Lieberman '03
Liz Lierman
Peter and Evelyn Liffiton P '97
Jacqueline Smith Littlejohn '71
Sarah '01 and Michael LoCascio
Karen and John Loeser P '02
Deborah F. Loomis '68
Ann Lynnworth '80
Larry and Elaine Lynnworth P '80
Sue Lyon
Jodie Dejio Maisfehlt '00
Dr. Ron Majdalany, V.M.D., Seekonk Veterinary Hospital
Samia Makar '77
Lisa B. Martin '76
In honor of future outstanding alumni
Michael Martin '89
Lawrence Masland and Pamela Talbot
In memory of Todd Lincoln Tisdale '88
Maya Matheis '03
In honor of Anne O'Dwyer
Brendan Mathews and Margaret Keller
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Tansy Mathisen '03
Michael Mauel P '10
In honor of Avery Mauel '10
Nang Hlaing Tin Maung '01
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Caroline Mayhew '02
Amelia Maynard '99
Robert W. Maynard and Susan Sullivan Maynard P '89 & '99
In honor of Adrienne '89 and Amelia '99 Maynard
Daphne Mazuz '01
Carole McCauley
Steve and Chris McClelland P '97 & '00
Mac '78 and Donna McClurkan
Amanda McCormick '93
Robert '81 and Jennifer McCue
Darcy McCusker '06
Caitlin McDonald '01
Tom McElderry '89
In memory of Ñacuñán Sáez
Sally McGregor P '10
Sylvia McIntosh P '12
Margaret McKee '97
C. Ross and Christina McKenrick P '02
Tom and Susanna Meade Schindler '69 P '06
Miriam Melnick '08
Jean B. Meyers P '83
Nancy Friday '83 and Mark Miller '83
In honor of Jim Monsonis and Lenore Gensburg '78
Allison Moore P '10
In honor of Avery Grace Mauel '10
Stephen and Kimberly Moore P '02
Nancy Morgan
Susan Mower
Wendy Mueller '85
Lynn Mulheron '86
Josh Muskovitz '82 and Marley Mills '84
Ingyin Hla Myint '06
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
My Versatile Secretary
Paul and Tamami Naamon
James Nadeau '81 and Jill Mandell '83
Doug Nannen '75
In memory of Peter Treistman '75
Judith Nardacci
Sarah C. Nash '83
Saket Navlakha '00
In memory of Lauren Webster '02
Thomas Neely and Debbie Silverblank P '06
In honor of Dylan Neely '02
Hannah Neidorf '00
Nancy Nirenberg
In honor of Vera Kalm
Guy and Liane Nouri P '12
In honor of Edmond and Gloria Nouri
Su Hlaing Win Nu '05
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Phyu Hninn Nyein '05
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Erin M. Oakley '95 and Samuel Scalfano
Kirsten Trabbic Olson '88 Ph.D.
In memory of Patrick Brooks '88
Dennis and Susan O'Neil P '10
Ada Palmer '97
Heidi Parsons '80
In memory of Adams Douglas '72
Keith Pelczarski '87
Benjamin Pender-Cudlip '01
John C. Pender-Cudlip P '01
In honor of Ben Pender-Cudlip '01
David Pepper '88 and Jennifer Ferrara
Nessa and Robert Peters P '98
Katherine Pichard P '13
Chantal Pinard '01
Kelly Pitts '93
Perri Pivovar '86
Ruthe Ponturo
Adriane Powell
In memory of Jane Rodgers
Charles Powell '09
Abby Pratt
Howard and Ellen Pritham P '86
Serban and Orel Protopopescu P '94
Evan and Sandra Prytherch P '12
In memory of Joan Prytherch
Gretchen Pulver '75
Fran and Spence Putnam P '97
In honor of Chris Putnam-Pouliot '97
Elizabeth Putnam Stowe '71 and Maynard Stowe
Eduardo Quiroz '90
Lauren Randall-Myers '05
Ingrid Rasmussen
In honor of Rodney Christopher '86
Belinda Rathbone '66
William Redding '94
Ann Reid '75
Laura & Bruce Reid P '12
Diane Rhoades-Warner
In memory of Greg Rhoades
David and Judy Rimple P '80
In memory of Nancy A. Rimple '80
Don and Elaine Ritchie P '82 & '84
Deanna Rivkin '10
In honor of Catalina Island students
C. Lee Rogers
Vikki Rogers '91
Daniel Romanow
Heidi and Sheldon Rothberg P '06
Natanah Rothberg '06
Sandra Rowland-Hack and Steven Hack P '01
In honor of Sarah Hack '01
Mira Rubens and Peter Landy P '10
Harold and Roberta Rudin P '84
In memory of Derek Gross '84
Jenny Russell
In honor of Judith and Ba Win
Melinda Russell '79
Beth Sack and Stephan Green
Gabe Salgado '05
Barbara and Evan Salop P '01
In honor of Michael Nash '06
Craig Sauer '90
W. Eric Sauerhoefer '89
In honor of Colette van Kerckvoorde
Marcia A. Savage P '98
Robin Scanlon P '09
Catherine '80 and Monk Schane-Lydon
Andrew and Karen Schwartz P '96
In honor of Peter '96 and Kaia '93 Schwartz
Aurelia C. Scott '73
Hilary S.L. Scott '79 and Gretchen Wehrle-Scott
Louise '66 and Caleb Scott
The Reverend Will Scott '96 & Matt Chayt
In honor of Rodney Christopher '86
David Segil '00
Robert and Elizabeth Seidel P '74
Anne M. Serafin
In honor of Jenny Browdy de Hernandez '78
Allyson Sgro '01 and Bjorn-Erik Townsend '94
Diane and Bari Shamas P '12
Hilda Shapiro
Zoe Sherman '95
Gennady Shmukler P '93
In honor of Evelina Shmukler '95
Nate Shoobs 12
Tim '82 and Myriam Siftar
Molly True Simpson '03
Christopher Sink and Jon A. MacClaren
Matthew Siroka '88
Davis Skeist and Rebecca Henderson
Roxann Slate '03
Seymour and Zoya Slive P '67
Alexandra Smith '08
Brian Joseph Smith '04
George T. Smith
Lauren Smith
In honor of Patty Dooley
Tom and Sherrye Smith P '08
Linda Smothers and Richard Gregg P '11
In honor of Harrison Gregg '11
Robert L. Snyder
Cindy J. Speaker '81
David '81 and Janis Spivack
Philip B. Spivey
In honor of Rodney Christopher '86
Erica Spizz '94
Anna Stahlnecker '99
Jan Staller '70
Camelia Stan '03
Morey Stettner
Mary M. Stiles '87
Kate St. John Villard-Howe '01
David Stone and Susan Gutwill P '11
In honor of Liza Mei Stone '11
Alicia Stube '04
Adrienne Sussman '03
Andrew and Sally Sussman P '03
In honor of Adrienne Sussman '03
Stephanie '00 and Frank Swales Scalambrino
Michael and Pat Swartz P '98
Carl and Elizabeth Sword P '77
Peter Sword '77
Joanna and Edward Szwyd P '09
Carol Taylor and Dennis Norman P '02
John '76 and Sonya Thompson
Marc Thompson '86
Bill Tipper '73
Peter Tiso '02
In memory of Tom Coote's ponytail
Kris Tromiczak '76
J. Craig and Sue Trouwborst P '91
In memory of Galen Gibson '90
Elizabeth Tuggey Lynch '02 and Ryan Lynch
UBS Matching Gift Program
Rashad Ullah '95
Summer Unsinn '96
In memory of Hendrik Doorn '96
Colette van Kerckvoorde
Louise Vasilakos and Daniel Goure P '02
Carmen Vendelin P '06
In honor of Stan Jonasson and Linda Jangaard
Melissa Vorhies Roske '90
In honor of Edward Roske '90
Betsy Walker '68
Wayne Wang P '92
Marvin Wasserman and Barbara von Bulow P '02
In honor of Matthew Wasserman '02
Clifford Wattley and Nancy Griffin P '05
Diana and Robert Weggler P '12
In honor of Pearl Weggler '12
David Weill P '12
Francine Weinberg
David and Sandra Welsh P '98
Francis Whitesell '04
Kelly Wickliff
In honor of Brittany Wickliff
C.C. Wiegand '93
Brook Wiers '84
In memory of Heather Hawley '84
Jay and Hermine Williams P '84
Sarah E. Williams '78
Zaw Win '92
In honor of Emily H. Fisher
Matthew Winkler '89
Jeremy Wolf '96
Patricia L. Wolf P '76
In honor of Sharon M. Wolf Beck '76
Anna Wolk '98
David and Robin Wood P '92
In honor of Simon's Rock faculty
Sarah Wright '80
Li Liang Xu and Yan Wei Guo P '08
Michael Xu '08
Nancy Yanoshak
Kwok and Gee Ying Kip P '93
Adrienne York-Minor '95
Gail Young
In memory of Monse Selosse Young and Isabel Selosse Russell
Kenneth G. Young '90
Robert Young '98
Charlotte Zinsser Booth '69


Gifts in Kind
David Basler and Cyd Melcher P '10

Seth and Victoria Black P '10
Wesley Brown
Daniel Cassidy and Linda Michel-Cassidy P '12
Nancy and Ted Cobden
Uneeda and Sola Collins P '11
Patty Dooley
Peter Elliston
Joan Goodkind
Jim Hansen
Donald and Kristine Hill P '06 & '11

Bruce and Marianne MacCullagh P '09

Nancy Magnusson
Betsy McTiernan
Gregory Meeh and Hillary Nelson
Michael and Carole Paquette P '11
Norman Schnayer
Gillian Shallcross
Gabriella Spitz '07
Bobby and Geraldine Welch P '12