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William Jackson: Formations & Transformations

October 15 - December 21, 2008
The Gallery at Liebowitz
Artist's Reception & Gallery Talk: Wednesday, October 15th, 5:30pm

William Jackson, Toroid Transform, 2008

Artist's Statement

Whether driven by formal utility, whimsy, or even "found" aesthetics - - the materials and forms that comprise my three-dimensional compositions, often pass through numerous, sequenced processes.

The works presented in this exhibition include diverse visual and tactile vocabularies of deformation, re-combination, and hybridization.  They explore possibilities that bridge two - and three-dimensional expressions, but also embrace digital and analog methods.

Forging, welding, riveting, bolting, drape-forming, freezing, twisting, extruding and many other fabrication methods inform these various objects.

Whether expressed simply as drawings that reference conventional industrial and studio processes or presented as developed, multi-dimensional works - - here are subtexts of experimentation, admonition, risk, and chance.

These "Formations and Transformations" can be read as metaphors for obsolescence, mutability, and vulnerability.  As companions of technologically driven change, they are free to assume transitory meaning during their short-lived classification as products of personal expression.  Each will soon become something else.

 Jackson, Six Intervals
 Twisting Machine