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Artist's statement

I do not look to the landscape as a direct reference to my work, but in it are experiences and relationships that are an intrinsic source in the work.  The alteration of color and light through time, the association of vertical and horizontal intervals, the distance between forms and their relativity to scale, the cycle of cluster to interstice to matrix as the seasons change, the nuance of variation within the geometry of form or growth, these are among the relationships that my work is connected with.  It is the interrelationship rather than the things themselves that are important.  Within the making of a piece, there occurs a shift of the experiential in the resulting form.  The formal constructs are indebted not only to a broad visual history but also to my involvement and preoccupation with media and materiality and their assertions.  I feel that within my work the conscious narrowing of my formal means has encouraged a way of making each picture, no matter how familiar the elements, new.

Julie Shapiro, August 2009